Why is Razer Making Another Left-Handed Mouse?

Kotaku writes: "I'm left-handed. And I, like every single other left-hander I know, uses a mouse...on the right."

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StarbuckSpitfire2294d ago

I know plenty of left-handers who prefer their mouse on the left. I don't see anything wrong with offering them a product as well.

Hicken2294d ago

I agree, as far as there being nothing wrong with making such a product.

But, realistically speaking, I can't imagine the market for them is too large. Most of us southpaws learned either at home or at school (or in both places) to use a mouse with our right hands. And while I CAN use one with my left hand, I'm not very good, and it just plain feels weird.

hiredhelp2294d ago

Why are razor making another "Right" handed mouse?

hkgamer2294d ago

I know you are being sarcastic but right handed mouses work better because the keyboard works better with the left hand.

Tzuno2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

Money of course.

rattletop2294d ago

it good for left-handers to use right-handed mouse(or any right handed stuff) since they become ambidextrous. they use both sides of the brain.

xtremexx2294d ago

Because Left Handed People ARE PEOPLE TOO!

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The story is too old to be commented.