Wasteland 2: Kickstarter, Plot & Gameplay Interview

InXile Entertainment's Brian Fargo talks about Kickstarter funding for Wasteland 2, plot, gameplay and what the next step is for the studio. From NowGamer.

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jimmins2444d ago

Can't wait for this. Can't believe publishers are so blind to what gamers want.

fastrez2444d ago

Will be interesting to see how much it has been influenced by the new Fallout games, mostly has the original Wasteland influenced the first Fallout. Kind of taking things full circle, which is rather cool.

andibandit2444d ago

Cant be bothered unless the graphics are better than Uncharted 3.

fastrez2444d ago

Have you seen the original Wasteland? They won't be, but that's what the fans want, a classic hark back to the original.

Visuals aren't everything.