See guys? JRPGs are a tough sell

Digitally Downloaded writes "I doubt anyone is expecting a recreation of Double Fine’s success, but at the same time I have to express great disappointment about one of the most exciting projects. It’s struggling and at this stage looking like it’s not going to hit that threshold. That project is MonkeyPaw’s bid to localise and release the Japan-only JRPG classic Class of Heroes 2."

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Snookies122447d ago

That's too bad... We NEED more of these over here!! I'd donate if I had anything... :[

sinncross2447d ago

I think the most obvious concern for these JRPG's not coming to the US has to do with how poorly they did in Japan. Even the Operation Rainfall games had dismal sales in Japan... its no wonder publishers.

That said, it is good that something is being done to bring these games over to the US nonetheless.

Stinky_Fish2447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )


operation rainfall games sold amazingly in japan............

That being said the article is a piece of trash..........

"MonkeyPaw should have been feeling confident about the bid to raise a relatively low $500,000 to localise the game."

THAT AMOUNT IS RIDICULOUSLY HIGH for not new games, but for special editions, the game is getting localized either way.........THATS A BIG DIFFERENCE FOR PEOPLE

"When Nintendo wasn’t going to release Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower on the Wii in America, there was a community uproar. There was a campaign. Remember Operation Rainfall? "

Who said they were never going to release it? They never said that. This revisionist history is BS, they were always going to localize it as they announced it at E3

"As much as the likes of NIS America, XSeed and Atlus do an amazing job, we need to recognise the fact that the market for these games is very, very small these days. "

Yeah thats why pokemon black and white doubled up on skyrim and ff 13 outsold mass effect 1 and 2 combined

This site really needs to learn a thing or 2 about kickstarter and why this one is different from all the others because it is...........

There is a huge market for japanese rpgs as most companies this gen have localized more than any other time in any other gen.......

this is not for a new game
This is not for a localization
This is for 7k physical collectors edition boxes

Very very different

NewMonday2447d ago

Class of Heroes 2 is niche inside a niche, many JRPG fans don't know what it is, it was hard sell from the start.

MonkeyPaw should try again with a more popular JRPG

Instigator2447d ago


"Amazingly" isn't exactly right. They sold respectively and brought profit, which is the most important part. Amazingly is when they push 500k to 1M, which isn't that farfetched in Japan, but still an achievement.

ritsuka6662447d ago (Edited 2447d ago )

RPGS have sold better in the US last gen, but now NA is the FPS capital of the FPS.If it doesn't have guns or gore they don't want it.

Stinky_Fish2447d ago

Actually rpgs are selling better this gen

Spenok2446d ago

So your saying RPG's sell 20mil copies this generation (ala CoD)? Or 8mil (ala Halo). Those are just a couple of examples. The most i can think of an RPG selling in the US is FFXIII and that sold 2.58mil if you include both systems.

Or, if i am wrong, where/who are your sources?

Stinky_Fish2447d ago

Read his comments, the guy didnt even know it was getting a DD release either way. He wrote the article on a false premise

"Where's your source to say the game is being localised either way? I haven't seen that anywhere. I must have missed it."

so yeah this article had not only shoddy research, but shoddy logic

MattS2447d ago

Also, just to clarify a point for you: I'm aware that this is for the physical copy of the game. That's why I wrote "The prizes at higher price points are even more spectacular and include some things that JRPG fans would consider desirable collectibles. "

ie. a physical copy of the game. I see it all the time on forums and the like a preference for a physical copy of a game. Hence the "collectible part."

There will be no physical copies of the game if this money isn't raised. That was the point I was making.

Neckbear2447d ago

Keep in mind this is a Kickstarter for a physical copy of the game, which will be printed in limited quantities only for those that pledge $60 or more.

Seriously, that's it. Other donations are basically meaningless. Not to mention, "relatively low" doesn't even apply to $500k, especially just for that. DoubleFine gave you a game copy if you at least gave $15, these guys won't give you that unless you give out $60. That's completly and absolutely ridiculous.

There is a market for JRPGs, they just aren't stupid enough to give cash for this.

wicko2447d ago

I like this idea (if it were referring to a game that wasn't being localised at all) - but I wish it were for other games, I have never heard of this series and to be honest it doesn't seem like one that interests me. I would rather see Valkyria Chronicles 3 or Tales of Vesperia PS3.

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