FIFA 13 should cover this wishlist at release

InEnt writes: While we love the idea of DLC bringing new enhancements to games it stands to reason to get all you can out of a game on its release date, and this is why developers are already actively listening to your every word on FIFA 13. We’ve spent well over 400 hours playing FIFA 12 and have a few ideas on what we want to see, and while we’ve loved the changes made to the current game there is room for a lot of improvement.

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danswayuk2445d ago

The player AI needs improving, and more stadiums please.

stubbed_out2445d ago

Please just sort out the bloody User Interface...changing tactics and making subs etc is so ball-achingly slow. It was one of the best features of the old Pro Evo.

A few other little bits and pieces, how about the 2 legged exhibition matches; quick select for teams once you've reached the full-time menu in a game. And of course a dive button, OH I'd love the dive button.

HoneyBadger2445d ago

I agree the AI needs work

iceman062445d ago

They need to refine their new engine. The collision system is still a bit off. Instances such as players getting stuck tripping over one another after a tackle need some working on. I agree that the overall AI still needs some work. Players really need to play like themselves when you play against them. Set piece AI is still iffy. Too many times I give up goals on well defended corners because my taller and stronger defender decides not to jump or to bend at the precise moment that the offense decides to go for the header. I love Be A Pro, but I hate having to become a default manager after some years. Why not let me make my own decision on when to retire/manage!?!?

ronny252436d ago

well goes with out saying sort the refs out lol and like some one else said clubs needs to be changed so a player has to go on ANY and control the team and not the cpu and the cpu players clearly need to be better, well looking back from fifa 09 i thought how can they improve , well in fifa 10 they brought in the 360 degrees dribble then fifa 11 they added pro passing to stop the ping pong passing and i played fifa 10 the other day just to see how much fifa has changed up to now and it has a lot that game was awful lol at the time i didnt see nothing wrong with the game how things change lol so what out has changed they added personality plus massive improvment like i said you dont relise to you play the older games, so fifa 12 added tactical defending which is brilliant so relistic precision dribbling this is great so much control over the ball and the new camara angle more relistic like a real game watching it on tv, so what else can be added to fifa 13 to improve gameplay well not sure i know they will tho, i thought its a bout time all the stadiums were the real ones and improve the crowds oh yeah if you score at 5 or under mins the other player quits you dont get the win this clearly needs to be changed so annoying