72 iPad games for serious gamers

Digitally Downloaded writes: "One of the things that has always mystified me is the reluctance for gamers to adopt the iPad as a gaming device.

So here’s a list of 72 “real” games that iPad gamers have access to. It’s not the entire list, but they are games (whether a port or an iPad exclusive) that real gamers should appreciate."

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mushroomwig2444d ago

Come on, if they were serious gamers then they would want something with actual buttons, no?

Christopher2444d ago

Nah, there are some games that are better on touchscreen (including older FF titles like FFVI), but I do question a list of so many.

MagicAccent2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

I played Discworld missing presumed on my touchpad, and I have to say that it is the best way to experience point and click games..
Can't wait to try the new double fine game!

BitbyDeath2444d ago

The only way it could be better is with buttons.

MagicAccent2444d ago

Well zing'd. Oh wait, It wasn't.

Jio2444d ago

Hahaha, that's funny. If you were a serious gamer, you'd buy a dedicated handheld to play while you were away from your system/PC. The argument that you can't afford one is invalid, because if you spend $500 for a less powerful iPad then you clearly can afford a cheaper tablet and portable system for the same price.

Rageanitus2444d ago

nah.... a real gamer does not take price into the picture.... its funny how many of the so called supports of ipad gaming always bring up the argument oh the games are cheaper and hey push away the fact that they are nothing more than time wasters.

YOu will never here a ipad purchaser buying an ipad just for angry birds

shackdaddy2444d ago

Ghost trick is really really good. I think it was a port from the 3ds (a really good port)

Stinky_Fish2444d ago

All I see is very very bad games, ports, and.......thats its...........

any ios game cant outdo a gameboy game, an original one, serious......original ios games, are garbage

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The story is too old to be commented.