A sick April Fools message from Batman: Arkham City’s Calendar Man

You did remember to visit Calendar Man in Batman: Arkham City today on April Fools day, didn't you? In case you didn't, here's what he actually had to say, along with a cryptic teaser for Mother's Day.

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SybaRat2298d ago

Can't wait to see what he says on Arbor Day.

LouisGarcia2298d ago

I still have yet to play this. Sadness.

AusRogo2298d ago

What are you doing here? Get on it! But seriously, its an Awesome game mate.

aDDicteD2298d ago

get it already, there are some good deals on arkham city

LouisGarcia2298d ago

I bought it for cheap on Black Friday or during one of the holiday sale days... but I haven't found the time yet to play it. I actually beat the first game this past October!

DFogz2297d ago (Edited 2297d ago )

It really is an awesome game and hands-down the best Batman game. Get on it!

barb_wire2297d ago

There's a coupon over on for $20 off Batman Arkham City at Best Buy.. it's one sale this week for $29.99 so with the $20 off - you'll get it for $10.

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BDSE2298d ago

Here's the full list of special dates:

Here's what's said on Mother's day:

"Mystery" over.

ANIALATOR1362297d ago

I knew I'd heard his voice somewhere before. It's the narrator from Johnny Bravo lol