Review: Silent Hill: Downpour (darkzero)

"This isn't the first time that the Silent Hill franchise has been developed by a non-Japanese development team. Climax Studios and Double Helix Games have both had attempts with Origins, Homecoming and Shattered Memories. While I didn’t think much of Homecoming, I really enjoyed what Climax Studios did with Shattered Memories; I felt that it was a brilliant retelling of the first game’s story, but they also managed to twist in their own unique style, creating a compelling, highly tense and atmospheric Silent Hill. Downpour is the latest title in the series and is developed by Vatra Games, a new studio based in Czech Republic. First impressions weren’t all that great when I saw the unveiling of the game; to my surprise, Downpour isn’t as bad as it could have turned out to be, and while it does have some problems, the overall experience is compelling enough to keep you interested throughout the course of the game."

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nrvalleytime2445d ago

I keep hoping someone will make the perfect Silent Hill for our generation, and I'm still waiting. Nice thoughts here - good review.