A few Indie Games that you NEED to play

Indie Games that may or may not Have Stolen The Spotlight.
1. Realm of the Mad God Steam title

Realm of the Mad God is the most recent addition to my list of indie games that you must discover for yourself. This game is based around the concept of a mmo setting minus all of the “talking” and reading that those action junkies hate monotonously skipping through. You will be dropped into an 8-bit fantasy environment filled with outrageous amounts of enemies and hordes of monsters, creatures, beasts, and all sorts of things out to rip you to little pixels. That is right, it is 8-bit, so those old school folks out there like myself should read my Realm of the mad god review and get into this intense spin to the casual gameplay and generic mmo scene. Oh and did I forget to mention, it is free. I think that is enough to convince any new experience seekers.

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Moncole2445d ago (Edited 2445d ago )

I loved Orcs Must Die and fot the DLC for it to support the devs. Dungeons of Dredmor is also a great game and it's only 5$. I played 20 hours of it and didn't beat it yet it's a rogue like so it has perma death.

Rochard isn't on Xbox

Picnic2444d ago (Edited 2444d ago )

Limbo (Xbox360 / PS3)

It's not that there aren't other good indie games. It's just that none that I have played so far have made me regard them with the same reverence as playing an AAA title. Don't let the monochrome, hazy, screenshots put you off. This is not some overtly pretentious 'arty' game. It's dressed up like one but it's a 2D platformer meets puzzler meets atmospheric survival horror with some implicit dry humour in its scenarios which are designed to scare you like a creepy fairy tale which takes in both a pre-industrialised and industrialised appearance. The character might look a bit simplistic but the effects are subtly done. Just like in Alien, any overhanging branch might be a way out, might be inconsequential or might be something that will try to attack you. The puzzle is sometimes working out what the puzzle is for your only task as far as you know is to find somewhere new to go. To do so, you will probably end up dying through trial and error puzzles which sometimes quickly serve to help to reveal the solution. Even when it's such a dangerous environment, it's relaxing in its simplicity such as the way that the screen fades out in subtle steps when you die. Flower is good too.

Blastoise2444d ago

Dungeon defenders is on PSN by the way, not just Xbox live & Steam.