Why Video Games Need to be More Violent

From the editorial:

"Parent groups, politicians, and religious fanatics have long argued that the violence in video games desensitizes children and I’ll tell you why. It’s because the violence isn’t anywhere near as gruesome as it should be. If the industry pumped up the gore on these games, they could sensitize the shit out of kids. Of course Little Scotty is going to get desensitized to violence when playing a video game. If you shoot Oddjob in GoldenEye 64, it shows up as a yellow paintball mark on the shrimp’s hat. If you blow up a guy with a grenade in Halo, you can take the guy’s somehow-undamaged weapon. And if you kill a hooker in Grand Theft Auto, not only do you get your money back, but you get your money back without having to spend it on treatment for Chlamydia. Totally unrealistic. Acting violently in video games should not reward kids; it should traumatize the fuck out of them."

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TekoIie2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

Violence doesn't make a good game, but design does. Although i agree with "acting violently in video games should not reward kids; it should traumatize the fuck out of them" HA. Gave me a good laugh that line did and its true.

My sister came round once with my nephew while i was playing dead space 2. Didnt want to lose my data so i paused and turned the TV off. God my nephew got a fright thinking he would finally be able to play on an XBOX ;).

UltimaEnder2419d ago

I agree, let the creative bcrearibe, the M raring is there for a reason....

Bathyj2419d ago

Hurry up and make Manhunt 3

BitbyDeath2419d ago

Kids have grown up through much worse before.
The problem these days are the parents.
Some people should not be allowed to breed. (Actually a lot)

Squadron40Dive2419d ago

Interesting point you have there

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