Dead or Alive 5 Alpha Demo Quick Play HD -

Dead or Alive 5 has many new fea­tures over it’s pre­de­ces­sors like “respectable boob sizes” and explod­ing cars/buildings. I’m just kid­ding. It only has one of these.

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Boody-Bandit2449d ago (Edited 2449d ago )

Looks pretty but it doesn't do it for me even a little bit. It's DOA4 with new backgrounds. It's like they did almost nothing to enhance the mechanics. What's going on with Team Ninja? Going to keep my eye on it but looks more like a rental than a purchase. At least for me.

Lucretia2448d ago

Huh......tekken 6 is just tekken 1 with new graphics and backgrounds, the gameplay is EXACTLY the same, They changed doa5's gameplay, the pace of combat, added new moves, are adding new characters, massive graphic and art style overhaul aswell as way more interactive enviorments.

not sure howw you are not seeings anything new lol

Boody-Bandit2448d ago (Edited 2448d ago )

Who ever agreed with you is a moron. Tekken 6 is nothing like Tekken 1. That's plain silly. But where do you see me mentioning Tekken in my response? Insecure / trolling much?

I am not a fan of Tekken 6. Actually I thought it was a big step backwards compared to previous versions. For the first time a Tekken game that was not arcade perfect. Looked muddy, had bad load times (compared to previous versions) and a weak single player mode.

The last Tekken I liked was Dark Resurrection BUT again, we are not talking about Tekken here, we are discussing DOA 5, or so I thought. This DOA 5 (IMO) looks weak, lacks impact, physics, hardcore violence, sill over emphasis on sexuality (from the female side of things of anyway). About the only thing I think DOA does decently is counters. Other than that it just seems like a lot of fluff and a wanna be Virtua Fighter, which it's not.

After Ninja Gaiden 3 and now seeing the videos for this game, I'm seeing it as a rental at best. Excuse me for having an opinion. Next time you're trying to validate your opinion, do so without going off topic.

Nearly every reason you listed as an addition / upgrade to DOA 5, Tekken, Soul Calibur and nearly every other fighting sequel has done the same. This is a weak update considering how long it's been since the last iteration of this series. It just doesn;t feel like a big enough step forward after a long lay off between revisions. That's my opinion, "for now", and I'm sticking to it "while staying on topic".

Maybe once I play the demo I will see things I'm not seeing in the demo but I doubt that will happen. I always enjoyed DOA games but was never blown away by any of them so maybe my view point is slightly skewed. The view point of a gamer than has been gaming since it's inception.

Lucretia2448d ago

??????? huh. wait so whats a fighter that evolved tons over its predecessors? I play tekken, I dislike tekken tag 2, Im currently loving SC5 (forget the lack of modes), Virtua fighter is ok, to slow for me. fav fighter is blazblue. I despise all MK games after trilogy, so slow, stiff, unrealistic to the point of the way people die, the gore for the sake of gore, the fighting style stances, the tons of clone characters, and well i can go on.

doa5 lacks Physics? now i know your just trolling, its the only fighter with physics, the enviorment interacts with you, when a cone falls from an explosion it hits your character and dazes him/her, when u get slammed into something it causes a chain reaction. How is that not phsyics? when a character fights in the water they may slip, you can use the water to do water specific throws, there are enviroment specific attacks, aswell as when you get hit with a power blow there are several points u can aim ur opponent.

just curious as to wwhat your favorite fighting game is. not saying doa is the best, but its not bad and doa5 is taking a very good direction. and YES tekken 6 plays almost the same to tekken 1. trust me i played every tekken except tag 1, same floaty combo's that let you juggle till they die with no combo breakers, same stiff animations for the old characters yet new and fluid aanimations for new characters.....feels out of place

d3nworth12449d ago

I havent played DOA since ps1 when the physics was so ridiculous that their breast were literally hitting them in the face.I probably get this 1.

Kingscorpion19812448d ago

I like that you can counter throws!!!!