5 Most anticipated racing games of 2012

If you are a big videogame driving fan, then 2012 is a year that you will be more than happy with. Games like Twisted Metal, Motorstorm RC and Ridge Racer unbounded have already seen the light of day. But if your the type of gamer that appreciates those games but prefers their driving games dripping with officially licensed cars and created by developers who take physics and graphics seriously in trying to digitally recreate the feel of a car as best as they can then those games would not really interest you. Well, look no further because these 5 games are sure to get any auto enthusiasts blood pumping.

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THESONYPS32444d ago

Well I definately prefer LittleBigPlanet Karting ;)

dontbhatin2444d ago

was just about to post exactly that


so sick of racing sims. wish i still had my ps3): id be so stoked for this LBP cart racing business.

Tommy3342444d ago

Im loving twisted metal