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Console Domination: Jak & Daxter Trilogy Review

Console Domination writes: It may shock and appal you to know that... I have never actually played a Jak and Daxter game before. Yes, I managed to miss three of the best and most well loved games on the Playstation 2. Shocking isn't it? Well it's a damn good thing there's the Jak and Daxter Trilogy for me to try. So how goes my first foray into the series? (Jak and Daxter HD Collection, PS3) 7.5/10

smoothdude  +   1114d ago
A review of three games in three paragraphs.
Sharingan_no_Kakashi  +   1113d ago
Beat the hd collection a couple weeks ago. It's clearly no less than an 8.5
Instigator  +   1113d ago
Going by the PS2 games I would have to agree.

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