Game Informer Teases Next Cover, Game Described as ‘Gorgeous’

On April 5th, Game Informer will unveil the cover of their upcoming issue; however some slight teasing has already begun.

Game Informer’s Andrew Reiner Tweeted that screens from their upcoming issue are “gorgeous” & they are so lovely that his jaw is has yet to leave the ground.

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Convas2446d ago

It's Halo 4. You can disagree all you want, but all signs, including the recent 343 Sparkcast are pointing too it. I'm ready, how 'bout you?

Shaman2446d ago

Definitely H4. Other magazines have been teasing it too.


TheBioLover2446d ago

Well, GI's reveals are exclusive, so I don't think it is Halo 4.....although it would be awesome if it was!

Swiggins2446d ago

Can't wait, gonna be good no matter what.

Kran2446d ago

Sorry... but how the heck did the author come to the conclusion that it could be GoW4 out of every game franchise out there?

Lots of games look gorgeous. Lots of games "can" look gorgeous.

Stinky_Fish2446d ago

usually it ends up not being good

CashColeTrain13372446d ago

The hype and tease behind the XCOM one really pissed me off. Out of all the games I expected, none of them were. I'll just wait until it's announced no guessing this time for me.

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