Have the standards of horror games dropped?

The world of video games has featured so many great horror/survival-horror titles, which have stained the underwear of many gamers over the years, with most of them surprisingly coming from the previous era of consoles.

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thekiddfran2446d ago

Horror games are sadly a thing of the past.

kza2446d ago

errr YEAH no shit they have other than the pc exclusive Amnesia theres nothing like there used to be :(

ritsuka6662446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Is this guy living in the past? LMAFAO...

horror games dropped the quality since a long time ago..

xflo3602446d ago

Think back to when you played games like resident evil 1&2 and silent hill 1&2, what was the one thing these games had that current gen horror games dont?
Atmosphere, it was little things like the right piece of music playing at the right time. They had a brooding, dark atmosphere that current gen games are sorely laking.

HarryMasonHerpderp2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

It sucks big time.
I'm a massive horror fan an ive played
nothing this gen that compares to the old
classics like resident evil,silent hill and fatal frame.The closest game ive been to being scared was amnesia and that wasn't as scary as the classics last gen in my opinion.The only thing i had to look forward to was silent hill HD collection and we all know how that's turned out >_>
I just hope that developers can stop thinking about money all the time and create something truly scary again for us horror fans.

humbleopinion2446d ago

Quite the contrary: that standards of people have gone up. Games that were considered to be scary or even classics are now just looking bland.
If one were to play old Resi, SH or Alone in the dark games they will notice that something is "missing".

Although Fatal Frame 2 still gives me the creeps...

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