N-Space "Would Love To Work On Another Geist"

In a new intervew, n-Space producer Tim Schwalk says he'd love to work on a new instalment of Geist. But who exactly owns the license?

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Ness-Psi2444d ago

definitely it was an excellent game, had a good story. I hope they do a sequel.

It's funny I have this on the cube and was playing it the other day and wondering if they were gonna make a sequel.

krazykombatant2444d ago

It was a cool game, so why not.

Blink_442444d ago

One of my favorite cube games

ChickeyCantor2444d ago

What is it with people disagreeing with people liking the original ?

Venox20082444d ago

please N-space make a remake of Geist 1 or make a sequel, I don't care! :) or better both..

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