PLXC.PL: Kinect Star Wars - Is The Force strong within it?

The newest impressions on the Kinect Star Wars game.

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MoFo11112303d ago

I have a good feeling about Kinect star wars

killasder2303d ago

rotflmao while spewing milk out of my nose..

donsterydo2303d ago

Kinect Star Wars is on par with Dance Central or Kinect Sports.

dark-hollow2303d ago

Fun?....what is "fun"?
Never heard that word for ages.

Nodoze2303d ago

No! It will sit along side other craptastic Star Wars cash in's.

I have a bad feeling about this..

DigitalRaptor2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

No. This isn't even a fanboy thing. People from all places have been complaining about it since it was revealed. Whether it was the faked demo at E3, the fact that it was mostly on rails, or die hard Star Wars fans that are laughing at it. The game looks terrible. I can't tell you the amount of games that have been hated on in the past that are better than this. The Force Unleashed was a pretty decent game, and Kinect Star Wars looks much worse, so by those standards...

The fact that they've added a dance mode (A FREAKIN' DANCE MODE - IN STAR WARS!!!) shows who they're aiming this game at, and the Rancor mode looks like it was made for 5 year olds. This isn't a game for fans of Star Wars. It's just a game Microsoft contracted from LucasArts to help sell their latest peripheral. The only good thing to come out of this is the sexy console bundle. Man it looks great!

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urwifeminder2302d ago

Sweet getting this first new release of the year cant wait.


Yeah not for mean too laggy and no real control so I'm out.