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Trendy Gamers: One glance at Closure and you can tell you’re in for something interesting. The entire game is presented in a very haunting black and white, with an equally atmospheric soundtrack. Your task in this very unique puzzler is to manipulate light in order to complete every single one of the levels. While the game does have some high notes, the lack of difficulty holds it back from being an absolute must-have.

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Dante1122446d ago

Good read, Trend. Sad to hear that the puzzles feel repetitive (and for a 5/6 hour game?) and I really wish there was atleast some type of leaderboard available to the users. Still might check this game out though.

TrendyGamers2446d ago

If you want a unique puzzler, its worth checking out.

t0mmyb0y2446d ago

Is it worth $15 though? Even at the PS+ price Im not sure if I should wait for some discount.

TrendyGamers2446d ago


I'd say its worth $10. If you're looking for something unique though, pick it up.