Mass Effect 3 Co-Op Review (Co-Optimus)

The Reapers have come. Commander Shepard's big "I told you so" moment arrives in a terrifying way: Earth has been decimated, and the rest of the galaxy is being overrun. Current technology can only stave off the Reaper advance, and the disparate fleets of the Alliance and Council races cannot survive on their own. It's up to Shepard to not only try and formulate a plan to save everyone, but to unite all of the species in the galaxy under one banner to try and defeat the Reapers once and for all. It's simple: live together, or die alone. Victory at any cost.

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Maester072447d ago

Since when does ME3 have co-op? This is a blatantly misleading title.

RonaldRaygun2447d ago

It doesn't have a fully fledged co-op mode, but it does have what is basically a Horde mode. This is a review of the full game, but with a focus on that part.

SlowBurn2447d ago

The horde mode for what its worth,is a co-op mode or at least requires cooperation to be successful.