Confirmed: GAME saved

Baker Acquisitions Limited, an entity advised by private investment company OpCapita, has picked up GAME's UK assets, including all 333 UK GAME and Gamestation stores that remained open during administration.

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Dante1122446d ago

This is so cruel if it's a April Fool joke, but if true, glad to hear that the people that work there will still have a job.

Kran2446d ago

I doubt it. Why would something so serious be an april fool? That'd be a stupid move for GAME to make.

Anarki2446d ago

I hope it will sort its pricing out then, they're even cheaper online than it is in the store...

Dante1122446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

LOL, I meant eurogamer, Kran. Cruel if they made this up.

Kurisu2446d ago

It's not April Fools, I've just seen it on BBC News. They said that "half of the stores" should be able to re-opened.

dark-hollow2446d ago

Thanks god.
I don't know what with people against GAME but am glad it will stay in business.

I live in guildford and pretty much the only place you can buy most games is from GAME and I don't feel like ordering from amazon every time!

tigertron2446d ago

Its not an April Fool's. Although that said their buyer is a foolish one. I know they have a reputation of turning failing businesses around but GAME is simply dying and unless you cut GAME and keep Gamestation (which is the preferred brand), make some unfortunate staff cuts and merge the rest into GS then it won't be a profitable venture.

GAME suffered because they bought out Gamestation and now had twice as many stores to cater for a niche market. Too many brick and mortor stores in close proximity is bad business. Not even supermarkets do it on the scale of GAME. Take Bristol for example...there were about 5 in walking distance of each other. Thats without counting the Gamestation stores. In my town they had GAME and Gamestation right next door to each other...poor management led to GAME's demise.

Physical stores need gas/electricity, rent paid and staff wages, hence the high prices of games.

GAME has closed down in my town and GS is the only one thats left, then I hope the staff affected have gone to work for GS but if not then I wish them well.

I'm still glad Gamestation is around because I would miss not being able to walk around and have a look at the games. Thats something online retailers will never be able to do.

hiredhelp2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

I also think they need to axe Game or Gamestation, replan there pricing make at least same as there online website if not better.
I dont like the company myself but for thoes who do or prefer buying retail, then this good news but they need to stop bein soo dam greedy. Trades and pre owned prices

mcstorm2446d ago

I agree with you on this. I worked for gamestation just before blockbuster bought them and it was by far the better of the two stores. Gamestations console deals were alot better and so were the prices. They also did alot of retro stuff too which was making them alot of money too.

For me they should drop the game name and take gamestation back to how it was in 2003 and they will have a big money maker on there hands again.

Im glad they have now been bought though as it save alot of jobs just ashame this happend before they closed the stores they did but there were far too many games open. In Manchester city centre there were 3 games and a gamestation which is far too many.

hiredhelp2446d ago (Edited 2446d ago )

Yeh my mate lives in bolton, i live in devon exeter small city we once had 2 games in very small town. One in debanam amdindipendant. Then one closed kept the indipendant store open a gamestation litterally across the road from game shop.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2446d ago

Seriously...these least make them sound believable.

MoFo11112446d ago

This is true it was on BBC and Sky news

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