PS Vita : Games Coming in April 2012

Now we are embarking on a new month, We have to know more about the games coming this month, So it will remind you to all the games coming in April on PS Vita

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GribbleGrunger2082d ago

what? is this a translation... and only one game? LOL

G4Games2082d ago

yas one game the month

Optical_Matrix2082d ago

The title made me think there was more than one game coming. And, when I clicked it, it's just as I thought, Disgaea 3 is the only one coming this month. Not really a problem though, can't wait to get it.

Krew_922082d ago (Edited 2082d ago )

Yeah the title was a throw off. Also the site was quite wonky looking, with text scattered all over the screen. Good game though as you stated.

I can't wait for June though! LittleBigPlanet Vita will rock!

@Gribblegrunger - Well whenever it is released I know I will pick it up, I saw it on Wikipedia but I know you can't always trust that. I sure hope It's sooner than later though. Thanks!

GribbleGrunger2082d ago

there's no official date or even month yet. that June date was taken from an Amazon place holder date and has already been refuted by some of the community that are designing the levels for Tarsier

Stinky_Fish2082d ago

disgaea 3 vita is really all anyone would need for the month.........

I mean the game has more replay value and content than skyrim.............

jokia0052082d ago

only one??
what the hell sony doing?

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