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Submitted by MoFo1111 1335d ago | news

'Dust 514' studio explains PS3 exclusivity

Dust 514 studio CCP Games has explained why it chose to make the game exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

Chief marketing officer David Reid explained that the technical implications of the shooter's connectivity with EVE Online were something that could only be catered for by the Sony platform (DUST 514, PS3, Sony)

NYC_Gamer  +   1335d ago
MS needs to open up their xbl policy and stop being so closed when comes to studios/publishers
Dante112  +   1335d ago
I heard that if a multiplatform game isn't up to pair with or better than the PS3 version, that MS will not allow the 360 version until they feel that it's on level. It also has to be released simultaneous on they'll can it as well. I'll try to find the link, but yeah, MS needs to fix their policies.

Edit: Source:
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Drithe  +   1335d ago
YOu are correct. This has to do with MS. MS gets pretty strict that way. I hate MS because they got Guardian Heroes and the PS did not. :(

End of Line.
GraveLord  +   1335d ago | Well said
But Microsoft is fine with getting games BEFORE PS3. They are hypocrites and extremely greedy.
humbleopinion  +   1335d ago
It was a misunderstanding of the Eurogamer reporter: MS demands that simultaneous releases will be identical CONTENT WISE - and Sony does exactly the same.
It means that if a game is late for the Xbox (or for the PS3) it will have to offer extra content otherwise MS/Sony will block it.
Some notable Xbox examples: Unreal Tournament (extra maps), Virtua Fighter 5 (online), Joe Danger (special edition)
Some notable PS3 examples: Bioshock (challenge rooms), Castle Crashers (volleyball game), Oblivion (DLC included).

This policy makes sense: neither MS nor Sony want to appear as if their customers are getting simple ports of old games, so that's why they push for additional contents on port and delayed games. But even to this rule there are some exceptions.
telekineticmantis  +   1335d ago
MSs only concern is revenue...
Right now the revenue is in Kinect games PERIOD.
Anon1974  +   1335d ago
"It was a misunderstanding of the Eurogamer reporter: MS demands that simultaneous releases will be identical CONTENT WISE"

That's not what developers say. Developers have already stated that Microsoft's policy is stopping them from taking advantage of other consoles strengths.

Microsoft's policy states:
"...must ship at least simultaneously with other videogame platforms, and must have at least feature and content parity on-disc with the other video game platform versions..."

There's no confusion here from Microsoft or with developers. If you make a game that has better content or features on another platform, MS reserves the right to block it's release on the 360.
ShinMaster  +   1335d ago
So Microsoft wants devs to dumb down the PS3 version to match the 360's?
Or they won't allow the game to release?

BitbyDeath  +   1335d ago
Yea, but obviously they can't enforce it over the big games cause they want/need the sales. Otherwise games like Mortal Kombat and Final Fantasy would never have released on the platform.
trenso1  +   1335d ago
yup this is one reason i think ff13 got gimped :/
BattleAxe  +   1335d ago
Common sense says that putting a free to play game on a console that is free to play online makes more sense.
gedapeleda  +   1335d ago
Lol but good, more exclusives to ps3
Awesome_Gamer  +   1335d ago
Thats why i hate Micro$oft
Gamer1982  +   1334d ago
Yeah its nothing to do with quality its content. FF13 was proof of this. You really think they would have stopped it on 360 because it looked clearly better on ps3? Hell no.
humbleopinion  +   1334d ago
@darkride66, didn't you bother to read the policy which you copy pasted here yourself!?
"...must ship at least simultaneously with other videogame platforms, and must have at least feature and content parity on-disc with the other video game platform versions..."

Do you understand what "feature and content parity on disc" means?
It has nothing to do with other consoles(console actually) technological strengths. It has to do with the contents: MS doesn't want the owners of the X360 to feel like they are getting less content for the same price, and this is done as a blocking move so that the developers will not choose sides. And as I said before: Sony has the exact same policies, and they are more like guidelines.
That's why most of the platform exclusive content you see is either as a compensation for games being released later, DLC content that doesn't come on the disc, or extra content that is not related to the actual game (sometimes even a bonus game).

So no. No developer stated that "Microsoft's policy is stopping them from taking advantage of other consoles strengths".
In fact, the majority of the top multiplatform games on the PS3 are barely able to compete equally with their Xbox 360 counterparts (RDR, Skyrim, Crysis 2, etc). If the developers can't even bring the PS3 up to par, how do you expect them to "take advantage of the console strengths"?
cyclindk  +   1335d ago
They're so PC oriented as it is, you'd think it'd be a cinch for them to extend bridges between their Xbox network and PC...
THESONYPS3  +   1335d ago
Wow I have now played this for the fourth time via PS3, hope you all download it, well you know its FREE!
Cassandra76767781   1334d ago | Spam
RedDead  +   1335d ago
Shoulda stuck it on PC too if you are aiming for FPS and Eve fans...
Virtual_Reality  +   1335d ago
CCP want to expand EVE Universe to other Audiences (check the video). And they are allowing custom controllers and PC functions on PS3 for the PC Audience so they can jump in on PS3 without using the DS3 controller.

Related video
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kaveti6616  +   1335d ago
That's a strange explanation. CCP is neglecting their PC audience by not releasing the game on PC and you're making this very strange assumption that all of CCP's fans must have PS3s as well so it's not a big deal, they just have to plug in their keyboards and mice?

By that logic, Microsoft has never screwed over the PC gaming community because it is assumed they all had 360s as well.
ginsunuva  +   1335d ago
They don't want the Eve community to disappear. Putting this on PC eats away its own fanbase.
salinidus  +   1335d ago
and people who have 7 years to complete a skill tree

Related video
BoNeSaW23  +   1335d ago
That video is annoying as hell and commentary is awful! Do not waste your time people. HORRIBLE.
Shadonic  +   1335d ago
This policy of theirs is screwing with all of their consumers.
MoonConquistador  +   1335d ago
Its also hilarious that one of the reasons cited was cross game chatting. You would have thought that MS would have the edge on that front.

Anyways, good work Sony on being so flexible with 3rd party developers.

It doesn't quite make up for shutting Zipper down though
Persistantthug  +   1335d ago
What exactly does Sony have to 'make up'?
Sony has brought in many nice developers.

Zipper couldn't make good games.....they're gone....period.
fei-hung  +   1335d ago
I don't think Sony had much of a choice there. How much money do you think Sony has pumped into Zipper games this gen, be it on the PSP, PS3 and the VITA and how successful an investment it has been.

They could either shut Zipper down or allow all other studious to pay the price for Ziiper products shortcomings. You need to think about the greater good here and if you can't, then it would mean you rather see Sony fail as a whole as long as Zipper survives.

It's not like Sony has the billions the like of Apple or Google do!
arnyftw  +   1335d ago
The Xbox can cross game chat, but you cant cross game chat across platforms like they did with Dust 514 on the ps3.
IHateYouFanboys  +   1335d ago

Xbox had cross platform chat since the release of shadowrun on Games for Windows Live. google it if you dont believe me.

this has nothing to do with Microsoft not "opening up" xbox live. it has everything to do with one thing - MONEY! sony wouldve paid for exclusivity. theres nothing wrong with that, companies do it all the time. but dont try and pass this off as a technical thing that the 360 cant handle.
PirateThom  +   1335d ago

Live is the technical problem here. EVE doesn't use Games for Windows Live and, as such, it can't connect to players on XBox 360 without running through Games for Windows Live.

It's why Portal 2 has online play between PC and PS3, but not 360.

The only "money" issue here is the fact XBox Live exissts and Microsoft won't open it up.
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NotSoSilentBob  +   1334d ago
@ IHateYouFanboys

Problem with The Shadowrun game was it was a demo of what could be done on XBL but since then M$ has clamped down on the access to live.
OMEGAZONE  +   1335d ago
Microsoft policy sucks, a statement that simply transcends fanboyism and is actually truth. The policy is childish and only hurts it's consumers.
gypsygib  +   1335d ago
I have no idea what Dust 514 is but now I'm a bit intrigued
Fylus  +   1335d ago
That's the problem with this game at the moment:/ not many people know about it. It's looking to be an incredible game and for me, It's my most anticipated title this year. I trust that CCP can really pull this off. I just hope that Sony will really get behind this game when marketing time comes around.
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gypsygib  +   1335d ago
Sony rarely properly markets a game this gen..
TekoIie  +   1335d ago
I'll try and sum it up for you ;)

Think about a fleet of EVE players protecting ships full of tanks aircraft and all sorts of war machines in space. But when they wish to attack a nearby planet for reasons such as recourses or remove a rival clans presence they get players on ps3 who will play as Mercs to get that job done. It's a game which will require more communication and planning than anything that's come before it.

Only question is can CCP pull this off? Cuz if they do, as a Proud EVE player I will demand GOTY for it!
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Septic  +   1334d ago
It sounds extremely ambitious, but if pulled off properly, would be an amazing experience.

Time will tell!
NYC_Gamer  +   1335d ago
PS4 will have a lot of f2p/indie titles and support from many PC developers while MS will be stuck in the past if their policy doesn't change. Sony is starting to expand teaming up with Valve for Steamworks was only the first step.
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PirateThom  +   1335d ago
Sony could really benefit from keeping as open as possible, if only because, while consumers won't notice for the most part, developers definitely will.

What Dust 514 is doing, from a technical stand point, is amazing, it's combining two separate games on two separate platforms with each affecting the other and it blows my mind on so many levels.
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Fylus  +   1335d ago
Everyone needs to get the word out about DUST. It's going to be an amazing game.
SnotyTheRocket  +   1335d ago
F2P after purchase right?
DigitalRaptor  +   1335d ago
@ SnotyTheRocket

Completely free to play. No purchase. Just download the client and play. You can buy upgrades and stuff, but nothing that gives you an advantage over other players i.e. NOT pay to win!

Amazing that Sony have allowed this. Something Microsoft wouldn't even conceptualize, partly because their XBL policies would block it from happening. Pretty unfortunate for Xbox gamers that something like this will never happen. Too bad!
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Sevir  +   1335d ago
So its no longer coming on Blu Ray!?
Thats crazy? thats it 100% Free to play! I thought that once you Buy the disc then There's no subscription Since its a Free to play MMOFPS
Asgaro  +   1334d ago
Don't kid yourself.

Consoles will never have Free 2 Play titles. It's against the business model of Sony and MS.

It's all on PC if you want Free 2 Play stuff (and there is plenty).
ritsuka666  +   1335d ago
CCP Games>>>>>> Zipper.

Glad Sony fired this guys...
TekoIie  +   1335d ago
Really dude? Out of line, the last thing anyone wants atm is more job losses...
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ritsuka666  +   1334d ago
SHM,don't feel sorry for Zipper as a company because they essentially dug their own grave and alienated a pretty good fanbase of SOCOM 2 vets. Like i always said, if you suck at your job you deserve to be fired, and zipper sucked at their job.
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Darkspade  +   1335d ago
Whats the Catch here? Just cross chat with PC?? Why would sony even Care when they don't have it on there system to begin with.. now instead of letting us cross chat with friends playing other PS3 Games they are working on PS3 to PC.. Doesn't sound right..
Virtual_Reality  +   1335d ago
Cross Chat is an example of many features more included and it explains why is only possible on PSN using 3rd Party Tools as Vivex. The catch is that CCP can manage their game without problems through PSN, no monopolization and no restrictions, such as security measures and in their own cluster servers connected to the main server Tranquility.
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Persistantthug  +   1335d ago
@Darkspade......he probably should have said Cross PLATFORM Chat......
Then maybe you wouldn't be so confused.......maybe.
BitbyDeath  +   1335d ago
@Darkspade, Sony don't have any memory left over in the OS to include that as an overarching feature which is why devs need to build it in themselves.

Just like ingame music.
ironmonkey  +   1335d ago
Relax they'll think of something. Ur gonna chat with ur squad only like any other game. Don't need live for that
taijutsu363  +   1335d ago
Hey. Hey. Hey. .... no explanations necessary PS3 is just awesomer end of story. Itd be a crime not to make it an exclusive.
Kostchtchie  +   1335d ago
will CCP be the first developers to allow mouse & keyboard support on there fps?, and the game is looking great from what i seen at there conference, hopefully bf3,mag crowd and other gamers will jump all over this
dontbhatin  +   1335d ago
Mouse and keyboard support has already been done with Unreal tournament 3.
younglj01  +   1335d ago
So you telling me that PS3 is capable of cross game chat?

But Dust514 is going too be awesome.CCP games is really winning me over atm.Yes Dust514 puts you in mind what MAG should have been.But until someone makes an lag free 256 shooter Zipper will always be my favorite developers.

how can you make good games but they dont sell but garbage games sells like hotcakes?
dontbhatin  +   1335d ago
There is a difference between cross game chat when the games are running on the same network. And its a completely different game that has nothing to do with the other running on a different network.
younglj01  +   1335d ago
I had a feeling someone would comment on that questions instead about the game.So thanks for falling into my April Fools trap ;)
dontbhatin  +   1335d ago
I thought everyone knew that cross platform gaming wasn't possible with Microsoft's strict policies and locked up XBL from the whole Portal 2 ordeal? this isn't really that big of news. its just becoming a trend now. its even gonna be like this with CS:GO.
J_Cob  +   1335d ago
Valve scrapped cross platform play with PC and PS3 users.
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Veneno  +   1334d ago
theres no reason that CSGO should be crossplatform play. Anyone whos played CS knows that its all about user generated content and MODS. and while PS3 is more open than 360, theres still no way CSGO could ever become as big as CS is now on these home consoles. I'm all for Valve doing crossplatform games but they should have known better that stifling a community as hardcore as the CS community was a huge mistake.

Valve should do crossplatform games with new IP thats crafted from scratch that will work well with both home consoles and PCs. But I'm still not sure how that will happen when anything that gets added on to the home consoles MUST be tested by first parties. And even then you still can't have mod communities which is what put Valve into superstar status to begin with.
THC CELL  +   1335d ago
I love the fact this game is ready for ps4 too
Anti-Fanboyer  +   1335d ago
Lots of MMOs coming out on PC, tight competition. Of course they don't want to compete against their own PC game EVE, might as well have it on PS3 to fish in a new audience.
catfrog  +   1335d ago
theyve already explained that microsoft little girl attitude is whats stopping them. you get what you pay for i guess... oh wait
Drainage  +   1335d ago
theyre just lying, the real reason is because xbox doesnt have enough power!
portugamer  +   1335d ago
Looks incredible.
When playing mass effect 2, i wished i could play a full mission on each of those hundreds planets we had to explore.

I never played eve, but I know there are like 7000 planets, or galaxies, or solar systems, or, well, thousands and thousands of planets.

Question: does this mean on ps3, we will be able to play wherever we want? For example, on eve, x99 team wants to explore a planet, that is on the x40 solar system, planet m555xy, for example.

On that planet, its -100 degrees, 0.3 atmosphere. Does it mean if I , ps3 player, if I want to attack or defend that planet, I would need some special suits or armors, some special weapons, with a few special upgrades, so I could 'live', breath, etc, on that planet?

Or is it like 'search a game'-- join--- choose weapons--- team wins--- I get some xp and money--- repeat until I'm fed up. If its just a classic fps, no thanks.

BUT if it plays like I said above, with weather,climate, temperature, races, surface, and many other things influencing the gameplay, like you need this or that, to go there, you need this armor, these weapons, these upgrades, you need many many things, a certain class, xp, etc, so you can fly to X planet, and defeat or attack, so you earn new items, special upgrades for your weapons, parts of a new armor, new materials to build new technologies,etc etc etc, something LIKE or CLOSE to missions, on the mass effect universe, with the choice to build an unique avatar, with 10 different classes, with 30 different upgrade trees(like the ones on mass effect 2, each partner had 5-6 different upgrades, each one up to 4 levels), if we have the possibility to deep customize our avatar, with tones of upgrades, with tones of weapons, each one with 50 upgrades, each upgrade with different levels,etc, so every ps3 player is unique, with is class, upgrades and weapons,

And IF, once again, the ps3 game isn't just team A against team B, over and over, but instead of that, each fight will be unique, and will influence the game, for example, team 45 against team 89, on planet 350, that combat will only occur once, and its issue will make this or that happen ONCE,

Well, if the studio manages to make a game where each time I play and fight, I feel like I just played a mass effect 2 mission, and there are 5000 missions or planets where I can play, and if there is a huge level of customization for my avatar, weapons and everything, well, in that case, I'm ready to play it, for the next 10 years, 2 hours a day. Really.

I wished mass effect games never ended, with some mission generators, so we could play and fight on 2000 different planets, if we wanted to.

Dust creators, please, make my dream come true. Please.
And make me feel even prouder, of my sweet ps3.
Oschino1907  +   1335d ago
The time you spent writing that you could have just looked at or and found answers to most if not all of your questions/theories.
portugamer  +   1335d ago
I love writing :)
As everything i enjoy doing, I take my time, please, don't feel upset about that. Just like the time you spent writing your comment, you could have said 'yes, it plays like mass effect' or 'no, its not like mass effect', you would have been much more useful than my useless comment.
Hicken  +   1335d ago
Every piece I hear about this game makes me wanna play it that much more. I've got a couple of friends who play EVE, and I'll be looking forward to making a few more during the course of playing Dust514.
DFresh  +   1335d ago
Dust 514 should also release on PC too for those same reasons.
Maybe down the road that will be possible.
SuperBeast811  +   1335d ago
This isn't new its why PS3 Portal 2 has Steam and XBOX dosn't
2v1  +   1335d ago
One specific example Reid used was the cross-game chat between DUST 514 and EVE Online; he said it just wouldn't have been possible on the Xbox platform. He said it was important that people be able to converse and not just "text each other," and they had the difficult issue of "enabling thousands of EVE players to chat with millions of PlayStation users." They worked closely with Sony to find a solution and Reid says it's not something they would've discovered on Microsoft's console.

So if you're a 360 owner and you're wondering why you're not getting DUST 514, well, this is part of the reason.
Platinum_k  +   1335d ago
No explanation needed. Playstation 3 is just that awesome!
sly-Famous  +   1334d ago
This game has not interested me as yet and it probably never will.
portugamer  +   1334d ago
I tried to follow the advice of oschino1907, the most intelligent and useful user, here on n4g, and went to

Well, I tried to read all the comments, listened to some podcasts, watched videos, read a lot of entries, on forums, I even googleed for some extra info, but I still don't know HOW dust514 is gonna be, how it looks like, if it reminds mass effect combats, etc. That's why I had written a big post, some comments above.

So if a nice and cool guy(or girl) can explain, in a few lines, how and what dust514 is gonna be, it would be great!

Some links to some websites would be great, too.

In advance, thanks :)
Oschino1907  +   1334d ago
Literally any and all info about Dust 514 outside of personal previews (99% of which came after Eve fanfest from 2 weeks ago) are on either site I named, one is official site and other the biggest most in depth fan site. Anyone I know who follows the game close including my self uses those sites and they have basically every known piece of info out there.

Sorry if its too complicated to use the internetz for you, figured if you got here and commented you must know how to use a computer and internet to some extent but it seems sadly I am wrong. But you do know this is an article about why Dust 514 is exclusive to Ps3 and not your personal forum for posting off topic theories about the game, asking off topic questions and going on about other off topic games you like don't you?

I mean really there are a good dozen or two articles on alone the last two weeks, so why not find one pertaining your questions and thoughts and take it there. I will give you detailed help.

1. Scrolls down to bottom of article comment section
2. Click on related news
3. Try not to cut yourself with a spoon
4. Yay you did it, enjoy your new fast paced world in the internetz endless resources and info.

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