'Dust 514' studio explains PS3 exclusivity

Dust 514 studio CCP Games has explained why it chose to make the game exclusive to the PlayStation 3.

Chief marketing officer David Reid explained that the technical implications of the shooter's connectivity with EVE Online were something that could only be catered for by the Sony platform

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NYC_Gamer2180d ago

MS needs to open up their xbl policy and stop being so closed when comes to studios/publishers

Dante1122180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

I heard that if a multiplatform game isn't up to pair with or better than the PS3 version, that MS will not allow the 360 version until they feel that it's on level. It also has to be released simultaneous on they'll can it as well. I'll try to find the link, but yeah, MS needs to fix their policies.

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Drithe2180d ago

YOu are correct. This has to do with MS. MS gets pretty strict that way. I hate MS because they got Guardian Heroes and the PS did not. :(

End of Line.

GraveLord2180d ago

But Microsoft is fine with getting games BEFORE PS3. They are hypocrites and extremely greedy.

humbleopinion2180d ago

It was a misunderstanding of the Eurogamer reporter: MS demands that simultaneous releases will be identical CONTENT WISE - and Sony does exactly the same.
It means that if a game is late for the Xbox (or for the PS3) it will have to offer extra content otherwise MS/Sony will block it.
Some notable Xbox examples: Unreal Tournament (extra maps), Virtua Fighter 5 (online), Joe Danger (special edition)
Some notable PS3 examples: Bioshock (challenge rooms), Castle Crashers (volleyball game), Oblivion (DLC included).

This policy makes sense: neither MS nor Sony want to appear as if their customers are getting simple ports of old games, so that's why they push for additional contents on port and delayed games. But even to this rule there are some exceptions.

telekineticmantis2180d ago

Right now the revenue is in Kinect games PERIOD.

Anon19742180d ago

"It was a misunderstanding of the Eurogamer reporter: MS demands that simultaneous releases will be identical CONTENT WISE"

That's not what developers say. Developers have already stated that Microsoft's policy is stopping them from taking advantage of other consoles strengths.

Microsoft's policy states:
"...must ship at least simultaneously with other videogame platforms, and must have at least feature and content parity on-disc with the other video game platform versions..."

There's no confusion here from Microsoft or with developers. If you make a game that has better content or features on another platform, MS reserves the right to block it's release on the 360.

ShinMaster2180d ago

Or they won't allow the game to release?


BitbyDeath2180d ago

Yea, but obviously they can't enforce it over the big games cause they want/need the sales. Otherwise games like Mortal Kombat and Final Fantasy would never have released on the platform.

trenso12180d ago

yup this is one reason i think ff13 got gimped :/

BattleAxe2180d ago

Common sense says that putting a free to play game on a console that is free to play online makes more sense.

gedapeleda2179d ago

Lol but good, more exclusives to ps3

Gamer19822179d ago

Yeah its nothing to do with quality its content. FF13 was proof of this. You really think they would have stopped it on 360 because it looked clearly better on ps3? Hell no.

humbleopinion2179d ago

@darkride66, didn't you bother to read the policy which you copy pasted here yourself!?
"...must ship at least simultaneously with other videogame platforms, and must have at least feature and content parity on-disc with the other video game platform versions..."

Do you understand what "feature and content parity on disc" means?
It has nothing to do with other consoles(console actually) technological strengths. It has to do with the contents: MS doesn't want the owners of the X360 to feel like they are getting less content for the same price, and this is done as a blocking move so that the developers will not choose sides. And as I said before: Sony has the exact same policies, and they are more like guidelines.
That's why most of the platform exclusive content you see is either as a compensation for games being released later, DLC content that doesn't come on the disc, or extra content that is not related to the actual game (sometimes even a bonus game).

So no. No developer stated that "Microsoft's policy is stopping them from taking advantage of other consoles strengths".
In fact, the majority of the top multiplatform games on the PS3 are barely able to compete equally with their Xbox 360 counterparts (RDR, Skyrim, Crysis 2, etc). If the developers can't even bring the PS3 up to par, how do you expect them to "take advantage of the console strengths"?

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cyclindk2180d ago

They're so PC oriented as it is, you'd think it'd be a cinch for them to extend bridges between their Xbox network and PC...

THESONYPS32180d ago

Wow I have now played this for the fourth time via PS3, hope you all download it, well you know its FREE!

RedDead2180d ago

Shoulda stuck it on PC too if you are aiming for FPS and Eve fans...

Virtual_Reality2180d ago (Edited 2180d ago )

CCP want to expand EVE Universe to other Audiences (check the video). And they are allowing custom controllers and PC functions on PS3 for the PC Audience so they can jump in on PS3 without using the DS3 controller.

kaveti66162180d ago

That's a strange explanation. CCP is neglecting their PC audience by not releasing the game on PC and you're making this very strange assumption that all of CCP's fans must have PS3s as well so it's not a big deal, they just have to plug in their keyboards and mice?

By that logic, Microsoft has never screwed over the PC gaming community because it is assumed they all had 360s as well.

ginsunuva2180d ago

They don't want the Eve community to disappear. Putting this on PC eats away its own fanbase.

salinidus2180d ago

and people who have 7 years to complete a skill tree

BoNeSaW232180d ago

That video is annoying as hell and commentary is awful! Do not waste your time people. HORRIBLE.

Shadonic2180d ago

This policy of theirs is screwing with all of their consumers.

MoonConquistador2180d ago

Its also hilarious that one of the reasons cited was cross game chatting. You would have thought that MS would have the edge on that front.

Anyways, good work Sony on being so flexible with 3rd party developers.

It doesn't quite make up for shutting Zipper down though

Persistantthug2180d ago

Sony has brought in many nice developers.

Zipper couldn't make good games.....they're gone....period.

fei-hung2180d ago

I don't think Sony had much of a choice there. How much money do you think Sony has pumped into Zipper games this gen, be it on the PSP, PS3 and the VITA and how successful an investment it has been.

They could either shut Zipper down or allow all other studious to pay the price for Ziiper products shortcomings. You need to think about the greater good here and if you can't, then it would mean you rather see Sony fail as a whole as long as Zipper survives.

It's not like Sony has the billions the like of Apple or Google do!

arnyftw2180d ago

The Xbox can cross game chat, but you cant cross game chat across platforms like they did with Dust 514 on the ps3.

IHateYouFanboys2180d ago


Xbox had cross platform chat since the release of shadowrun on Games for Windows Live. google it if you dont believe me.

this has nothing to do with Microsoft not "opening up" xbox live. it has everything to do with one thing - MONEY! sony wouldve paid for exclusivity. theres nothing wrong with that, companies do it all the time. but dont try and pass this off as a technical thing that the 360 cant handle.

PirateThom2179d ago (Edited 2179d ago )


Live is the technical problem here. EVE doesn't use Games for Windows Live and, as such, it can't connect to players on XBox 360 without running through Games for Windows Live.

It's why Portal 2 has online play between PC and PS3, but not 360.

The only "money" issue here is the fact XBox Live exissts and Microsoft won't open it up.

NotSoSilentBob2179d ago

@ IHateYouFanboys

Problem with The Shadowrun game was it was a demo of what could be done on XBL but since then M$ has clamped down on the access to live.

OMEGAZONE2180d ago

Microsoft policy sucks, a statement that simply transcends fanboyism and is actually truth. The policy is childish and only hurts it's consumers.