Sony Europe Emailing Unit 13 Dynamic Theme Codes

"Prior to the Vita release, Sony Europe started the Inside PS Vita program. " - JPS

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admiralvic2326d ago

Anyone else think it's funny they sent these out right after announcing Zipper was dead?

THC CELL2326d ago

its also a beta tester offer

ANIALATOR1362326d ago

for a dynamic theme it doesn't do much

JoeReno2326d ago

Just wondering, is it a dynamic theme for the Vita or for the PS3?

IFTP2326d ago

You get a few themes and their all for the PS3, which i find a little odd. You have to be signed up to Inside PS Vita to get them.

ritsuka6662326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Waste of time, Zipper is already dead...

morganfell2326d ago

It isn't meant to promote Zipper but rather the Vita and Unit 13.