Super Meat Boy: The Game Revealed For iOS, Other Devices To Follow

The guys at Team Meat revealed a few months back that they were planning to make a touch-screen version of Super Meat Boy. Yesterday, they revealed the first screenshot and also the actual name of the game, Super Meat Boy: The Game.

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Big_Mex1963d ago

More super meat boy is never a bad thing

admiralthrawn871963d ago

believe not a single article on april fool's

cpayne931963d ago

Then why are we even here?

Instigator1963d ago (Edited 1963d ago )

In the PC version they shoved the importance of a gamepad down your throat every chance they got. I'm seriously wondering how this would work with touch controls only.

Smashbro291963d ago

It will either be made way easier or this is a joke.

Not a joke however: Super Meat Boy for Vita!!