My thoughts on the return of the Legacy of Kain series

Power Cords writes: As a gamer, I have a handful of games I hold in high regard; whether they be standalone experiences or entire franchises, like any videogame fan there are certain titles that have stuck with me ever since I pressed start. Any attentive reader knows by now my love for franchises like Metroid and The Elder Scrolls, and how much I enjoyed games like Red Dead Redemption, Symphony of the Night, or Fallout 2, among many others. Many of these franchises still have new entries being released, or the games themselves are recent enough or timeless enough that game design hasn’t passed them by. But there’s one series that defined my taste in games — and really most types of fictional storytelling in general — that is no longer around: The Legacy of Kain.

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SavageKuma2247d ago

The legacy of Kain series has always been an interest story especially the first Blood Omen. If they do revitalize the series I am hoping or requesting they give good sequels to other titles that had this same gothic feel like Primal or BloodRayne. However I do have Soul Reaver on the PS3 from the store and still dig on it. Nice write up.

Pozzle2247d ago (Edited 2247d ago )

Ahh, Primal. That brings back memories...

A Primal sequel/reboot would also be amazing.

giovonni2247d ago

I've always liked the Soul Reaver series better then the blood omen. Don't get me wrong Kain's story was good, but the interest of Raz was a much better story too me. in this reboot I hope they have proper closer to the story of Soul Reaver the ending for the last one left a lot of questions, and also left me underwhelmed because *****spoiler alert******* for Raz to chase Kain through time to figure out he is his sword wasn't the jaw dropping ending I was looking for, and to add that 3 second look on kain's face over looking the city of Nosgoth to the tune of end credits left me a little upset.

Basjohn2247d ago

Indeed that ending was pretty disappointing, particularly because it completely undermined Raziel as a character. He longs for nothing but revenge against Kain and giant octopussgod but instead.......becomes Kain's weapon and we're forced to end the game as Kain?

Kain was never a bad character but Raziel has much much much more potential and motivation in his actions, not to mention he isn't simply a "Vampire" like Kain and is rather something unique....leaving more room for a great story.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2247d ago

I agree with both of you about Raziel being the lead character.

At the same time, something about how profound Kain was really gets to me. Like his dialogue on the coin. Where if you flip it enough times eventually one day it'll land on it's side.
Dialogue like that makes him insanely awesome. I just feel that didn't delve deep enough with Kain's motivation in terms of a comparison to Raziel's.

giovonni2247d ago

Bassjohn you hit the nail on the head. It was disappointing to end it that way. Vashion you are also correct Kain is a brilliant character that u enjoy being the villain the allure of kain made me want to play it more

Pozzle2246d ago

Apparently the devs had plans on bringing Raziel back in the sequel to Defiance. A member at Neogaf found a bunch of ditched screenshots and concept arts:

But when Defiance didn't sell as well as expected, the game got scrapped. Which is a shame. I would have loved to know what story they had planned after Raziel's sacrifice. :(

solidworm2247d ago

Aaaaaaaaaaah Soul Reaver is one of my top 10 games of all time.

Tommy3342247d ago

All these franchises tomb raider,crash bandicoot,final fantasty,spyro etc. Have all gone downhill for one reason. Their not exclusive to playstation anymore. Next gen soby needs to work on bringing all these games back to their glory days.