Death Lives | Darksiders 2 Preview

BagoGames: "Darksiders 2 is the sequel to the triple A title Darksiders that released in 2010. The game is a third person action-adventure role playing game, in it you play as one of the four horsemen of the already developed apocalypse that came a little too early according to the first games protagonist War, who was at blame for causing it. In the first game your mission is to try and prove that you are not at fault for Earths untimely destruction, and you end up wound into a large conspiracy between the forces of Heaven, Hell, and the Charred Council, the oldest beings in the known universe and rulers of all things that exist..."

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liberator232422d ago

Thank you, its the first of many previews and reviews that you can expect to see from me :)

liberator232422d ago

Why thank you, as I said earlier, I plan on having many more in the future.

liberator232422d ago

Thanks, many more where that came from!

Awesome_Gamer2421d ago

I'm really looking forward to this game.. i loved the first darksiders, hopefully this game will be as good (or better) nice preview Btw