Bungie Says Farewell With Halo Infographic

Loud Mouthed Gamers: As of today, Bungie no longer hosts the Halo stat-tracking software. With the reigns turned over to 343, Bungie took the time to once again say goodbye.

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Dante1122420d ago

You will be missed Bungie.

360GamerFG2420d ago

Greatly. Thank you for a decade of awesome Halo games. Good luck with your future endeavours.
If your next game is half as good as Halo, then you have my support.
To 343i, you guys have some big shoes to fill. Looking forward to Halo 4.

Kran2420d ago

See.... can they just say goodbye already?

I mean it is sad to see Bungie leave Halo... but for an entire year, they just keep saying goodbye.

Upcoming goodbyes:

The Bungie Says Goodbye DVD
The Bungie Says Goodbye Game

and best of all...

The Bungie Says Goodbye Sex o.O

Paradicia2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

It's a post for the fans, clearly your not one.. so you're point is meaninglessly cynical and unneeded .

Kran2420d ago

Of course im a fan. They gave away the rights well over a year ago, and they're still saying goodbye :/