Prototype 2 Tank Gameplay

James Heller gets inside a tank and raises some hell

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2183d ago
matt19912183d ago

i wish that was just cause 3

gtxgamer22183d ago

Anyone notice the change of color in a game? (Infamous to Infamous 2, Prototype to Prototype 2)

Kahvipannu2183d ago

Hmmm.. You mean the overall look? In Prototype the "change of color" varied in regions, more over how infected it was.

SilentNegotiator2183d ago

Looking good. And this time, thanks to the launch window, they don't have to suffer the shame of losing for not having a pretty enough bra.

theeg2183d ago

looks like its running at about 20 frames per second....yukk

-MD-2183d ago

Sure hope the finished version runs better than this crap.

Adexus2183d ago

I don't think it actually has a low framerate, but it looks like it's actually running in slow motion, every other time they've shown the game running at a completely solid framerate and the developers like to say that they've upgraded the graphics whilst keeping the game on a solid framerate, I just don't know why they released this like it is.

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