Asus Eee PC Can Play Games

Asus Eee PC has been quite the hit since its release. All types of news about it have been popping up recently -- from new peripherals to rumored new versions coming out on CES next week. Now, Mobilewhack has come across news that the Eee can play PC games. Below is a video of someone playing GTA Vice City. Members of the forums have gathered a list of PC games which can be played on the Eee. Aside from the usual PC Games, it has also been said that PlayStation emulators work on the Eee, which means more games for the happy Eee fans.

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[ Title and description: Mobile Whack, by Mariella Moon on January 2, 2008 ]

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REbirth3791d ago

wow nice find:)

it probably can play WOW too, if not at least warcraft III:P

Gondee3790d ago

Everything plays wow. And if it dosnt one of the 9 million are gona devote there life to it. lol

WilliamRLBaker3791d ago

damn thats small support for game controllers? and it will be awesome.

aba3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Until I saw this one.