April Fools Day 2012: Quick Roundup and Compilation For Gamers

Techtorial: Here's an early round-up on how netizens are celebrating April Fools' Day spearheaded by Big G. More pranks to tickle your funny bone, edited to fit the taste of gamers.

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Ranma11998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

i saw this, its quite cool.

in a way am happy that they are highlighting the jrpg game dragon quest.

but at same time i want SE to take no credit or get no praise whatsoever (even though they created the game 20 years ago), because its not the same company.

The real company (Squaresoft) who created DQ are praiseworthy, while SE on the otherhand are demons (how i see it)

XiaTheNinja1998d ago

Enix created Dragon Quest, not Squaresoft.

ninavoljic1998d ago

you've just been fooled.