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Rumor: Rockstar Exclusive PS3 Franchise Is Red Dead Revolver successor?

Remenber this post from the playstation blog view blog post. Surfer Girl claims to know what it is, and she says it's (PS3)

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Darkiewonder  +   2701d ago
They said New IP ;o
"this franchise is not LA Noire, but something all new"

take out "something all new" and switch it with "something different" they maybe we got a sequel.
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marinelife9  +   2701d ago
Surfer girl needs to take a vacation.
TheTwelve  +   2701d ago
But if Surfer girl gets this right, I'll start believing her.

As it is, she's still just an attention-seeking-you-know-wha t.

xplosneer  +   2701d ago
Almost as bad
as that one time someone said the Most Anticipated New IP's of 08 and people were like "Where's Killzone 2?"

mikeslemonade  +   2701d ago
I think you got it wrong. This is a pretty good developer and franchise.
Rattles  +   2701d ago
a sandbox western = AWSOMNESS
plz make it happen.
GCO Gamer  +   2701d ago
yea that would be cool
GCO Gamer  +   2701d ago
yea that would be cool
Leg-End  +   2701d ago
"GUN" on the PS2 was a sandbox western
and it was very good and extremely underrated
Regret  +   2701d ago
I loved GUN. It would be nice to get a sequel (to RDR), but they promised new IP.
kerwin2005  +   2701d ago
Yea that would be great to have
kerwin2005  +   2701d ago
Yea that would be great to have
peksi  +   2701d ago
Sounds like japanese idea
"What americans like? They like western! We make western! Yippee!"

Don't waste your excluse on some ***** western game! Please? Just my opinion, please ignore ;)
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allforcalisto  +   2701d ago
so very true.

devil may cry is another good example.

why make dante a frat boy? WHY!?
what on EARTH made those bloody devs think that a woman turning into a playable guitar and that excruciating fmv with him playing her and the nonexistant crowd cheering and the fireworks was cool!?!?!

i'm hoping this game is completely new. I was actually hoping for space exploration. It would be open world like gta and There could be loads and loads of space stations but then spefic cities on certain planets that could be explored.
so the space stations would be like the greenery in san andreas, between the different islands.

it'd be cool if you they gave you the option of being a criminal, instead of making you have to go down a path of crime like gta. Or they could make a character who was pretty morally ambigious so you could move from doing pleasant things to truly messed up things
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HarryEtTubMan  +   2701d ago
haha another PS3 Rockstar Exclusive. Sweet.
Rattles  +   2701d ago
yea i played gun on ps2
i liked it but there wasint much to do after the missions. but ok ill put it this way "R*+western+sandbox = AWSOMNESS!!!"

oh and how could i forget
HDD standard + blu-ray + R* = CRAZY POSSIBILITIES
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Sangria  +   2701d ago
I'm a huge fan of Red Dead Revolver (Manny Quinn... *sigh*). If that spiritual sequel is true, i would kiss Sony & Rockstar's *** forever.
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moujahed  +   2701d ago
I doubt uit, but if the make another Red Dead Revolver, or somethign similar to it it'll be awesome. I was looking for a R.D.R sequal, but you know how RockStar are when it comes to sequals... if it isnt a killer app you just might not see it anymore.
CaliGamer  +   2701d ago
Was this game good at all??
mesh1  +   2701d ago
average game that didnt get good scores i played it was very avrage plz sony trollsstop hyping games uve never seen or heard any thing about la.nior that is a 360 game also and dsont forget ur hype for lair and heavenly sword were are they now lost
TrooGamer  +   2701d ago
La Noir 360?

Has it been confirmed? NO!
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heyheyhey  +   2701d ago
hold up a second this inst right- RDR2 is the new ps3 western exclusive, but rockstar said they have an entirely new IP for ps3 exclusive on top of this- maybe they scrapped that IP and decided to focus on RDR2

@mesh1- typical xbot- cant even speak english properly and la noire is not i repeat NOT coming to 360
THE_JUDGE  +   2701d ago
I doubt
that its this franchise because its a new IP but spiritual sucessor can be taken as an indication of a continuation of an older IP I guess.
AznSniper  +   2701d ago
Just as BioShock was counted as a new IP but it was a spiritual successor to System Shock.
Alcohog  +   2701d ago
Surfer girl is a slutbag.
TheExecutive  +   2701d ago
that had me laughing... why do people listen to this 320 lb 40 year old virgin MALE anyway?
Hades1337  +   2701d ago
1.) Rockstar said that their exclusive PS3 franchise would be a new ip, not an existing one.

2.) Red Ded Revolver 2 is already being developed for the PS3 under the working title of 'Rockstar Old West PS3 project'.
GCO Gamer  +   2700d ago
you are kinding right because if your not Yes!!!!
belal  +   2701d ago
like Hades said it will be a brand new ip :D hope its like gta or something bloooody ! need some shoting games with mutch blood, great story and great gameplay in :D
name  +   2700d ago
Rockstar said it was a new IP. Not a sequal.

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