Halo 4 ditches the Bubble Shield, brings back the DMR

XMNR: We already know that the Battle Rifle will return with Halo 4 and now 343 Industries confirmed on Friday that the DMR will return while the Bubble Shield will not.

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Ashunderfire862084d ago

Oh no bubble shield LOL!!! It actually gave you a fighting chance when you think about, well of course the enemy can still walk in LOL!!! Hope they still have the Jetpacks.

aviator1892084d ago

Dang, I really liked the bubble shield.

Fylus2084d ago

Me too:( I'm gunna miss em.

TheDareDevil2084d ago

True but 343 have removed them from as a loadout in Reach anyways. I actually liked it:(

Hope they don't kill jetpacks

RedDead2084d ago (Edited 2084d ago )

I would have liked a crossover between bubble shield and that personal Armor from Reach

Summons752084d ago

hopefully they take out armor lock, that was completely broken. At least they are bringing back the battle rifle cause the dmr sucks

DarkBlood2084d ago

do you dislike it because vehicles explode when you try to ram someone ? :P

QuantumWake2084d ago

*Grabs ghost*


*Dies from Armor Lock. Teabagging begins.*

It's such a harsh, harsh feeling. >.< lol

DarkBlood2084d ago

well i never had a problem with it, i think its a fair advantage on the playing field to anyone using the armour lock, i dont use it though because i rather use the run ability or try to jump if i can

Summons752084d ago

no because people wuss out and hide in the armor lock when they know they can not win.

I honestly did not like any of the special abilities couple were silly but took a lot of the fun out of the multiplayer.

DarkBlood2084d ago

then tell me what would u use the armour lock for then?

ZigZagLagger2080d ago

Armor lock & bubble sheilds suck because they slow down/stops the flow of gameplay. as a game designer, i can say that this is a bad form of gameplay to incorporate.

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mcstorm2084d ago

Sounds good to me i cant wait for this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.