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Submitted by ThomasBW84 1411d ago | article

Round Table: Let's Talk About a Year of 3DS

It's been a dramatic, at times traumatic beginning for the 3DS, so some of the Nintendo Life team got together to talk about their experiences and opinions of the system's first year. (3DS, Industry)

Stinky_Fish  +   1411d ago
A few things I want to note


nintendo handheld support has been better than any other system in that respective gen.........talking about third party support and nintendo portables is ridiculous

especually for the 3ds

Layton 5, inazuma 4, rocket slime 3, resident evil, tales of the abyss, and more? in the first year? un heard of

Secondly sales wise no system is doing better than the 3ds is right now, so its full steam ahead
mcstorm  +   1411d ago
I agree with you here. Ive said from the start the 3ds would be the best selling console again this gen and even though im really liking my psv at the moment i do think the 3ds games stackup better. UC ms and super star dust are the best games on the psv at the moment by a long way. I would of put mod nation there too if it had mp but because it has not the game is pointless as a game like that with just local mp is pointless as its supposed to be a online game. Where if i look at my 3ds games i have super mario 3d mario kart 7 resi mgs 3d and more.

I hope both the psv and 3ds sell well though as i do with microsoft sony and nintendo in the console market as having them in the market keeps them pushing each other.
Stinky_Fish  +   1410d ago

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