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Submitted by Rowland 1338d ago | interview

Ubisoft: Even non-gamers are gamers now

Pocket-Lint: "If we only made PC games - like we did 20 years ago - we would have failed a long time ago. Our focus is less about the business environment and more about what you as the player are doing. If we are doing what you like, we will do well," Early tells us before getting back to the question at hand: mobile vs console. (Android, iPhone, PC, PS3, Ubisoft, Xbox 360)

FinaLXiii  +   1338d ago
That´s like saying im a poker player without even knowing the rules.

casual gaming pfff.
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theeg  +   1338d ago
"If we only made PC games - like we did 20 years ago - we would have failed a long time ago." need to make good games to be succesful as a pc only developer....ask blizzard or cd projekt

unfortunately ubisoft, you cant constantly churn out crap and be successful on for you since you enjoy doing that.
ZippyZapper  +   1338d ago
UBI seems to be doing a pretty good job. They don't try and suck your money away by charging you $25 to unlock tanks like EA does with BF. There are a lot of good games in the house that Tom Clancy built. I have more respect and would give my money to UBI way before I would Activision or EA.
sllshrm  +   1338d ago
Looks like you don't play games on PC much...
aliengmr  +   1338d ago
Not a PC gamer.

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