Why did Super Mario Galaxy 2 get so much praise?

It’s no surprise that, not too long after one of the biggest Wii success stories, a sequel is revealed and released. The first game did so much in terms of unique game mechanics and changing how people think about a 3D platformer should play like. Some say it was the perfect 3D Mario game. So, what can go wrong in the sequel?

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ps360wiihdera2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

Super Mario Galaxy 2: best game this generation, best game of all time..

This hot garbage of an article screams for controversy & hits..

Nutsack2242d ago

SMG2 best game this gen? Debatable, not a given.

SMG2 best game of all time? ROFL!

Are you gaming since this gen or something?

ps360wiihdera2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

Judging by your reply you know nothing of Super Mario Galaxy 2 so why don't you stfu and go "rofl" someplace else, nutsack..

kikizoo2242d ago

"SMG2 best game this gen? Debatable, not a given.

SMG2 best game of all time? ROFL! "

if i'ts "debatable" for this gen (but sure, it's not, since we have so much better games), it's debatable for all time (as a gamer since atari 2600, i can't deny the fact that gaming had never be better than this's just logical and technic progression : more money + better hardware = better games)

Nutsack2242d ago

@ Ps360wiihdera

I own a Wii, got SMG1, 2, play since the early days of consoles and played more then you could ever imagine playing. Maybe you should be more polite and respect that Wii and SMG2 isn't god and certainly not 'of all times' that sounds just like Wiiboy fansh!t.

@ Kikizoo

Depends on what you define as 'best gaming this gen'. Its not all about highest resolution, sharpest textures. At heart its about gameplay and gameplay has seen better days IMO. Today its a lot of shooters, another shooter and little creativity as big budgets demands big names only. Actually I liked the time period 1993 till about roughly 2002 the best in the games it brought.

Actually there are games with deeper gameplay and more creativity with less resources often.

Lucretia2242d ago

Um Ps360wiiHDera

u obviously must only own that game and a wii.

because even the wii has better games than that. its an insult to the wii line-up to even say what you did

Lucretia2242d ago

stop whining, its clear you haven't played many games. and it is ur opinion, but *shrugs, its called disagree with ur opinion

Smashbro292242d ago

It's quite debatable if we're gonna talk Wii only.

Megaman_nerd2242d ago

I have to say I was kinda stunned when i realized it, but Mario games have suffered from bad camera controls since they moved to 3D platforming. And camera is just something you can't get wrong, especially in a game about precise jumps in a 3D environment. I mean, look at Sonic! His games have been cursed with bad camera for over a decade, and we never let it slip. We knew they were bad games and we said so.

And then there are the changes between each game, or lack of thereof. In Sunshine, you get a nozzle with 4 abilities: clean stuff that is dirty, hover, jump higher, and run faster. "More jumping" is hardly a power-up in a game that is already about jumping and "getting to places faster and allowing longer jumps" (again, more jumping) isn't either. Hovering was an interesting addition, I'll give it that.

And then there are the galaxy games, which 'innovate' by doing what flash games have been doing since the dawn of time: adding small planet-like thingies you can run around. Aaaaand that's pretty much it. Not to mention the difficulty was severely downplayed, with 90% of stages being a breeze to go through.

ReservoirDog3162242d ago

SMG2 felt too samey to me when compared to SMG1. Like it felt like it was SMG1.5 and it didn't have the almost....Disney-like magical quality too it that SMG1 had. The storybook was one of my favorite things about 1 but it all felt so constricted in 2.

Was it really good? Of course! But it didn't touch SMG1's greatness to me.

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Titanz2242d ago

From Yoshi's IR tongue control, to great level designs - it's a completely different (and way bettter) game than SMG 1.

DA_SHREDDER2242d ago (Edited 2242d ago )

You mean Super Mario World? Dude, Mario is the best platformer ever!

tweet752242d ago

ive never got so much pleasure from a game in many years than when i played through mario galaxy 2

brettyd2242d ago

I enjoyed the first one. Even my ex gf was hooked and she doesnt like anything. I have yet to play 2 but definetly will eventually.

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