Sony BMG Plans to Drop DRM

The last major label will throw in the towel on digital rights management and prepare to fight Apple for valuable download revenues

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Darkiewonder3796d ago

I expect it to reach the PSN store with a full announcement during CES or GDC and a nicely revamped psn store layout. thanks.

Maddens Raiders3796d ago (Edited 3796d ago )

these guys (Sony) are on the move in 2008. It's like they have all the media power in world (relatively speaking) and are just now learning so all of a sudden. lol

Darkiewonder3796d ago

I know. they really are kicking it into high gears 2008.

I think the first 2 days for Sony for this year sucked because of bad news. but they know how to make people happen the following day.

gamesR4fun3796d ago

Heres hoping they keep our tracks clean so we can play them how we want.

Maddens Raiders3796d ago

"Now if Sony Ericsson can just integrate this into PlayNow... " so does this mean that we will eventually have access to All of the *watermarked music from Sony BMG directly to the PS3 from the PSN? 0.0

Rattles3796d ago

and sony already owns it. lol

Shaka2K63796d ago

2008 not just PS3's year but Sony's year.


socomnick3796d ago

How is this gaming news ?

Darkiewonder3796d ago

anyways, It's in the tech section.

Also, the possibility of sony announcing the music store through PSN Store helps.

TANOD3796d ago

so this POST is VALID

turbogeek3796d ago

learn to read before you comment dumbass.

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The story is too old to be commented.