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I’m Singing the PS Vita Post-Launch Blues

The PS Vita is a fine piece of hardware that enjoyed a very solid launch. Now we need a second wave of games. (PlayStation Portable 2, PS Vita)

Jio  +   913d ago
This is what I hate about being an early adopter. I bought 3 games and now I have nothing to play after beating them. The nearest game I want doesn't come out until May, and even then the game I really want doesn't even have a release date.
LordMe  +   913d ago
Just wondering, what is it you are wanting?

Right now I am waiting for Gravity Rush.
limewax  +   913d ago
Waiting on LBP myself. But I don't get why people think there aren't enough games. I have little deviants and escape plan, I would love Wipeout and Uncharted but don't have the money. I don't think there is a lack of games at all. The system currently has more games I want than any other system at the moment
KUV1977  +   913d ago
I'm waiting for Gravity Rush too. It's funny though how the author doesn't want to buy Uncharted because he 'plays in bursts' and doesn't want to 'scan a room for 10 minutes for a lever' while playing in one of these bursts and he thinks it is meant for the big screen but he wants a new Metal Gear Portable. Makes total sense to me.
tiffac008  +   913d ago
Yes to Gravity Rush~!

Someone needs to tell the author to look at the internet because there are tons of sources that will tell him where the lever is. lol!
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GribbleGrunger  +   913d ago
it's not difficult at all to find levers in UGA... in fact i can't remember getting stuck once throughout the whole game. the only real difficulty was finding all the hidden gems and rubbings etc. to me, the author is deliberately finding reasons to reduce his wish list in order to prove a point.
ThanatosDMC  +   911d ago
You're lucky you only bought 3. I bought 8 plus 2 psn games. I want a Monster Hunter game. I'd settle for a MH Tri G port from the wii.
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Chaostar  +   913d ago
1 month after a launch line-up of, what, 20-30 games and you want a second wave?

And they say us gamers are an impatient, self-entitled bunch /s

I am looking forward to Gravity Rush however :)

Edit: it was 26 games...
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oNIXo  +   913d ago
That's what I don't get. The damn thing just came out, and people think that there should be 300+ games right now. It just came out, jeez. Give it some time. We wait months for a console game and, for some reason, people can't do the same for a brand-new piece of hardware.

I love my Vita, and I just got Plats Vs. Zombies for my wife, and now she loves it too. With all the stuff I already downloaded onto my PS3 I have a solid library of games to play on my Vita. I'm willing to wait, I can't fathom why other people won't do the same.
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GribbleGrunger  +   913d ago
i've only played one game and that's UGA. that game alone makes the wait worth while. i'm now waiting on LBPVita and i'm happy to do it too.

26 six launch titles and over 200 PSP games (at reduced price) and STILL people complain about a lack of games to play!? incredible. eventually the multiplats will come along with the Vita only games and then Sony are in business.
neogeo  +   913d ago
I did not buy mine yet, but I will as soon as a price drop hits, then ill be picking up all those launch games in the discount bin.
specialguest  +   913d ago
I haven't bought one yet, but I've been playing my brother's Vita once in a while. I'm actually waiting for a memory card price drop. It just goes against my principles to pay so much for so little.

No rush to buy one, since I've already played UC:GA, and the other games I want are not out yet.
longcat  +   912d ago
i got one for $162 (used) on amazon. Mint condition. They have some decent prices early in the morning from the warehouse deals.

Waiting for gravity rush and hoping to find a cheap memory card by then
Unexpecta  +   913d ago
Just to let you know, that price drop isn't happening anytime soon.

If you can't afford the PSVita for $250 bucks, then you don't have the privilege to play it.
Sugreev2001  +   913d ago
I love being an early adopter,even if i have to face a drought of good games.Faced it with the PS3,Wii,360,3DS,DS,PSP - you get the idea.
MasterCornholio  +   913d ago
At least the Vita didn't launch as badly as the 3DS (In terms of games library) so I'm really not complaining. But I do hope that Sony announces some more games soon.

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matt801  +   913d ago
I agree with author Sony needs to release more games soon. Heck release some ports with trophies or Enhanced old games with HD. I like the fact that there are a ton of psp games that are playable but y not add trophy support for them too? Also, include ps plus games tk vita.
Nutsack  +   913d ago
uTo be fair though...

Many of the games are kind of clone games from its big brother PS3.

Yes, I bought Uncharted on the PSVita, I got Motorstorm RC, Stardust Delta and Hustle Kings.

What is missing, maybe beside Escape Plan, are games that gives the PSVita its own face, its own image. Like PSP had Loco Roco and Patapon. It needs more like that ASAP.

Besides that, as a launch owner I just expect that as a reward for buying it premium and supporting Sony giving them my trust, that weekly PSN updates give me something exciting for PSVita big time. And not having to wait for months to see some new games that might interest me.

Compared to the 3DS the launch line up indeed was impressive, gotta give that to Sony. Although it was quanitity and just a few real quality titles.
HarvesterOSarow  +   913d ago
I get where you're coming from, but after being really excited for Escape Plan since the very first announcement, then playing it, I was a little disappointed with it. It's a fun little title for the price, and reminds me of those old side scrollers like Abes, and Out of this world, but I just wasn't as happy with it as I thought I'd be haha.

On another note, I picked up Wipeout, Escape Plan and Tales from Space at launch and Tales from Space was definitely a charmer for me. I loved that game! Wipeout was a good choice for $30, as I just beat all the courses a few weeks ago and went on to Elite Passing them. After I beat that I felt sort of depressed I didn't have any games on my new handheld, but I waited and just picked up Uncharted, Rayman and Ninja Gaiden on Amazon's buy two get one free deal and oh my! I'm back in action. All three of those games are amazing.
TheDivine  +   913d ago
Yea im the feeling the same. It was a fun launch, i played the hell out of a few games, now theres nothing i want for months. There are psp games just like there were ds games during the 3ds early days which helps but sony needs some big unique games for vita. A couple really outstanding games can turn it around in a heartbeat. I can wait though cause im busy with the 3ds right now, it can tide me over until the vita games start rolling in.
tweet75  +   913d ago
ill feel better when i can put all my psone classics on , its rediculous you cant download all the digital content purchased for psp on your vita.
Fatty  +   913d ago
Just give me my ability to play my PS1 Classics and I'll be happy. Seriously, just picked up FFIX and FFVII on sale the other day, and that's a ton of gameplay potential.
Zoron007  +   913d ago
I'm waiting for LBP, Gravity Rush, and Resistance. Also I hope now when they do multiplat games for pc, ps3, and xbox they include vita. ps1 and ps2 games should be added too. Maybe even some ps3 games can be ported.
nevin1  +   912d ago
lol at early adopters. Didn't I warn you people?

I remember stating that the people who are defending the Vita despite some questionable problems will be the 1st to complain.
belac09  +   912d ago
im playing all my psp games on my vita, mostly FF4 the after years, it looks amazing on the vita!!!!1
godzilla72  +   912d ago
Where the hell are all the games is right!!!
catfrog  +   912d ago
vita is pretty much the only thing ive played since its launch, still have lots of games to play, most of the ones im playing right now are psp games though - i missed a lot of them
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tarbis  +   912d ago
Funny that he don't want to play Uncharted: GA but wants another portable Metal Gear Solid? This guy is a looney and hopes he doesn't sing again.
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gk07  +   911d ago
Like my vita but some of these games are old guess i could download a few psp games : ) happy to have a 3ds tho : )
Leonex  +   910d ago
Just release Home for Vita.....

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