Metal Gear creator was 'yelled at' for pushing boundaries

Destructoid writes: "When meeting a legend on the 25th anniversary of their most well-known creation, what do you ask them? Do you expect to hear them reveal secrets about their creative process, about ideas that never came to fruition, or just how his team reacts to his ideas?"

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-GametimeUK-2002d ago

I love how Metal Gear breaks the 4th wall in such creative ways. Having people doubt your ideas to only eat their words years later must be an incredible feeling when accomplished on the scale that Kojima did.

Kyosuke_Sanada2002d ago

The same happened to Keiji when he pushed Megaman, Dead Rising and Lost Planet.....another example of not knowing until you try.

tarbis2002d ago

Great minds are always hard to understand. Publishers only wanted money that's why they can't understand Kojima.