Mass Effect 3 Makes Me Want Star Fox

Steve Conger writes, "Mass Effect 3 is the ultimate refinement(thus far) of a of a title that redefined modern role-playing games. Not only has it perfected the art of dialogue systems by introducing dynamic camera angles, but it corrected the series’ course of moving more toward shooter with a fresh take on mechanics such as weight and weapon modification. This third installment is the perfect end cap to a historical space opera conveyed through a digital medium and is the perfect design model to bring a well-known franchise back into relevance."

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Dlacy13g1754d ago

LOL... Now this is a funny parallel.. ME to Star Fox ... Go figure.

adorie1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

do a barrel roll

yabhero1754d ago

OMG LOL... that is funny

BldyShdw1754d ago

I could go for any new Star Fox. Actually I would love another Star Fox Adventures (as different as it was)

adorie1754d ago

I want a serious Starfox. no ground combat, just planetary missions of insane proportions.

and giant monkey heads are a must.

Ravenor1754d ago

What Adorie said. I still pop in Star Fox 64 from time to time, it didn't spend tonnes of time watering the game down with ground combat. Kept it short and sweet.

PopRocks3591754d ago

64 technically had ground battling in multiplayer (albeit it was weird as hell).

Also Assault had a lot of good ideas on paper, but the way it was designed and performed in execution presented some glaring flaws.

Also, I want one of Nintendo's devs to do it; no more outsourcing. Nintendo should help out like they did with 64 3D on the 3DS (which by the way had a REALLY fun reworked multiplayer, even if it wasn't online).

SilentNegotiator1754d ago (Edited 1754d ago )

You might think that you do, but you would be wrong. You do not.

All they did was paste Star Fox into a game that was otherwise going to be unknown to anyone. Like Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts.....except that was planned all the way through (Game-icide in the first degree).

Instigator1753d ago

I don't want a Star Fox that follows the exact formula of Adventures, but they should mix the Arwing sections up a bit with ground missions. Kinda like Assault's, but better.

SilentNegotiator1754d ago

That short lived space mission on Reach made me want another Star Fox.

yabhero1754d ago

Star Fox on WiiU with awesome graphics, air fights, 3rd person shooter land battles, voice acting and character development= WIN

synchroscheme1754d ago

The last thing I want is character development on Slippy. *shudders*

Fast paced action and silly banter a la Kid Icarus would be great.

jsslifelike1754d ago

Just think- Slippy in a kickass mech suit that he has problems controlling- gold.

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