April Fools' Day content hidden in Resistance 3?

GameZone writes, "Is Insomniac Games toying with us or do they have something planned for Resistance 3 on April 1st?"

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Pacman3211941d ago

I love little easter eggs like this.

TheLastGuardian1941d ago

The boat level is awesome. I'll gladly replay it to see what Insomniac has hidden in there on April Fool's Day.

-Mika-1941d ago

This is so fake. There no way they can set some weird easter egg to appear on april fool day. Unless their a patch on the 1st. This is fake

PirateThom1940d ago

Ehh... yes they can... consoles have internal clocks, even things in MGS3 were affected by time passing using the internal clock and GT5 actually gives presents on your birthday. No reason to assume they can't make small changes appear on a single day.

moonlight1941d ago

The game itself is the joke.

cpayne931941d ago

Har har. It was a great game imo had one of the best campaigns out of any shooter this gen.

StanSmith1941d ago

Imo, Resistance 3 was the worst campaign of the series. It had the best multiplayer but, as far as the single player goes, Resistance 1 & 2 were much better,

Resistance 3 felt more like a reboot than a sequel.

smashcrashbash1941d ago

Ignore him. His statement shows he probably didn't even play the game

cpayne931940d ago

@MARIOFTW the multiplayer was the best? I thought the multplayer was the worst in the series, I felt like it was too much like cod. But if you like cod you might like it.

RayRay361941d ago

Just set the system date to the 1st?

r211940d ago

god damn it, mines already gone. all who kept their games, share please :D