4 Best pieces of Equipment in Skyrim (and none of it is Daedric)

These are 4 of the things you can acquire in the game that stand apart from the accepted norm and in majority of cases, are better than their Daedric counterparts.


Title Update for those confused by the title.
4 Best pieces of Equipment in Skyrim (and none of it can be Crafted)

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wallis2242d ago

Three of these are daedric artifacts....

Mantis12242d ago

Regarding the title of the article.......This refers to the crafted set of Daedric Armor (not necessarily the daedric quests) The majority of people consider these pieces to be the best in the game. In context, the title is correct when referring to the content of the article.

Areeb112242d ago

I'm actually quite proud of myself that when the time came, i opted not to eat the flesh of Verulus and instead i freed him, and killed all the others. :)

Mantis12242d ago

lol. Good for you. I didn't really care. The benefits were worth it.

DarkBlood2242d ago

wait you can actually save him when you bring him to the place? i didnt want to him to be eaten so i decided to abandon the quest lol

maniacmayhem2242d ago

I killed him, then I killed everyone in the room.

There can only be one!

Limit7602242d ago

Didn't know websites from the 90's still existed.

Mantis12242d ago

We're working on me.

Robotronfiend2241d ago

+1 bub vote. In a word my immediate thought was, "geocities".

room4142242d ago

I wish it mattered what the best armor is. The game is so ridiculously easy. I finished the main quest on the hardest difficulty and still had a lot of sidequests left but didn't even bother cause my character was superman and there was no challenge.

RedDead2242d ago

Yes, it's called level scaling and it ruined the game for me. It is done to ensure you can travel anywhere you want on the map from the get go. That's why I call Skyrim an Exploration game instead of an RPG

Dasteru2241d ago

If you have the PC version, download this.

bobrea2242d ago

It doesn't even matter what armor you wear. The game is so easy once you hit a certain point.

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The story is too old to be commented.