Longtime GameSpot Reviewer Leaves, Cites Gerstmann Firing

After the termination of established GameSpot reviewer and editorial director Jeff Gerstmann, we heard from employees of the site who spoke of the threat of "mass resignations." Today it would seem we have at least one confirmed casualty from the CNet/Gerstmann fallout, longtime freelance reviewer Frank Provo.

"I believe CNet management let Jeff go for all the wrong reasons," wrote the reviewer "I believe CNet intends to soften the site's tone and push for higher scores to make advertisers happy."

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Brian52473433d ago

Gamespot is (and has been) crumbling.

BloodySinner3433d ago

I think you should lose respect for all these websites as well. -

... "Indeed."

fopums3433d ago

and yet Halo 2 was rated higher then 3. according to gamerankings, but I agree that CE was the best.

it should go Halo:CE > Halo 3 >> Halo 2

Dpa3432d ago

Whats with the Halo 2 hate? I thought it was a really good game, definitely enjoyed it 10x more than the original.

tethered3433d ago


I have stopped going there daily. Now its just once in a while.
I'm sure they see the hit they have taken.

TriggerHappy3433d ago

Yeah thats nice, but whats hot right now is the blu-ray and HD DVD battle. Good to know what Gamespot is up to nonetheless.

BloodySinner3433d ago (Edited 3433d ago )

"I feel sad about the whole thing, but I can't write for a site that could one day punish me for honesty." - More evidence which proves Gerstmann was tossed out because he gave Kane and Lynch and HONEST review (and the game also happens to suck as expected).

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The story is too old to be commented.