The Reasons So Many Japanese RPGs Never Make It To The United States

Jason Schreier: Feeling screwed? If you're an American fan of Japanese games, you certainly should be. Publishers in the East have not treated us very well over the past few decades. They've given us rushed and incomplete localizations. Often they don't send us North American ports at all.

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FlashXIII2214d ago

Isn't 500,000 from donations a little unrealistic? It can't possibly cost that much to port a psp game? Tbh seeing as it's donations, 100,000 sounds a more realistic attainable goal but I really do hope this can help bring more games over to the states (providing they're region free).

NewMonday2214d ago

i big mistake to choose Class of Heroes 2, it maybe good but hardly popular even amongst JRPG fans.

i would pay full price for Valkyria Chronicles 3, Suikoden PSP, Shining Hearts, Final Fantasy Type-0, Tales of Innocence, Frontier Gate.

Stinky_Fish2214d ago

they will fund in 20 days according to them

kevnb2214d ago

most of the ones that do come over arent real big sellers.

Stinky_Fish2214d ago

not true, every gen rpgs arent localized

tiffac0082214d ago

$500k maybe too high for kickstarting a game like Class of Heroes. I'd still support this though and see where it goes.

catfrog2213d ago

lot of jrpgs coming to ps3 lately, i excite