I’m suffering from review writing fatigue

As a reviewer it’s important that you don’t end up writing something about every single game you play.

It’s crucial that sometimes you just play a video game simply for the sake of enjoyment and for no other reason but that. It helps you remember why you enjoy playing video games so much in the first place.

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xhedleyx1761d ago

I think this happens to everyone. It's just a matter of taking a break sometimes and playing games for fun and not review purposes.

pangitkqb1760d ago

Getting free games is the worst! (I'm laying it on think for ya)

wordupagain1761d ago

I think we have it real easy nowadays comparatively to people reviewing games in the 90s which is interesting

pat_11_51761d ago

How so? What's different about today compared to back then?

hay1761d ago

Just one example:
Reviewers for bigger magazines/websites hardly need to review games at all. They get directives about the score from the publisher.

pat_11_51761d ago

That doesn't happen at any reputable publication.

xhedleyx1760d ago

I really don't think this happens very often....