GameSpot Gives 2/10 to History Channel: Battle for the Pacific (X360)

The History Channel's logo is printed on Battle for the Pacific's box, which may lead you to believe that the game features a certain amount of historical accuracy. It's apparently an undocumented fact, then, that if you were a World War II private, you would be accompanied on missions by soldiers completely impervious to gunfire. These soldiers would run directly up to enemies, perform pirouettes, and then kill them at point-blank range, which certainly sounds like a reasonable way to win a war. On the other hand, Battle for the Pacific, barring any secret Army documents, may simply be an abysmal game that features terrible mission design, broken artificial intelligence, and substandard controls. Because this is indeed the case, don't even think about buying this game--not even to experience the bizarre alternate reality of World War II that this first-person shooter represents.

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gamesR4fun3759d ago (Edited 3759d ago )

Why I dont think anyone even clicks on the link anymore...
Anyways who cares what they say I'll wait for a real review if I want an opinion...

lol @ the disagree common grow a set n say why

turbogeek3758d ago (Edited 3758d ago )

two mega flops. Kingdom Under Fire and this. and Warner now Blu-ray exclusive. HAHA. tsk tsk.

Jinxstar3758d ago

I resent whoever went to their site and gave them hits to look up this crap game....

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