I Am Alive (Empty Lifebar)

After being in development hell for quite some time, I Am Alive has finally seen the light of day. A year has passed since the “Event” and Adam has spent that time recovering and walking across the country to make it to his family in the town of Haventon. Upon arrival you discover that Haventon has been hit the worst, and the amount of dust and debris is overwhelming. Once you arrive at your apartment you discover that neither your Wife nor your Daughter are there and must begin your search of the city to find them. Along the way you’ll come across several victims and in order to get information as to your family’s whereabouts you must help them. The story was good enough to keep you going for the 6 or so hours it lasts, and the atmosphere was dark enough to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. But the ending felt a bit lack luster.

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