160° Reaches over 650 User Submitted Themes

Looking to get new themes for your PlayStation 3? Users have submitted nearly 700 themes to that you can access via your PS3 browser and directly install.

The latest themes include World of Warcraft, Spiderman 3, Ratchet and Clank, Hot Girls, and more.

All these themes are free to download.

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joemomma3820d ago

I have about 7 themes. Nice stiff too.

HeartlesskizZ3820d ago

is this an impostor or is it you Zhuk? just asking =D

joemomma3820d ago

No im not zhuk. Just the evil side of him.

Bathyj3819d ago

Just like the Evil Eric Cartman from a parallel universe. Evil Zhuk is actually a good Zhuk, its Zhuk who is evil.

Get it?

techie3820d ago

Are you going to make a story every time another 100 are added?

Darkiewonder3820d ago

at 700 they'll post they reached a milestone.

Bonsai12143820d ago

so true.. there'll be one at 700, 800, 900, and 1000..

personally, themes aren't my thing. for every good theme, there are like 50 that completely sucks balls.

thats why i stick with the ol' life stream

Rexysgod3820d ago

Non Ps3 owners don't know what they are missing. i can confidently tell everyone in this forum that, ignorance will let any one compare xbox 360 to Ps3. I am an Xbox360 owner but after taking the Ps3 for a test drive i Can't wait to send my Xbox360 to the Pawn Shop. Microsoft can keep my Xbox live accounts and Points. I'm Done!

NoxiousD3820d ago

ooh i want new themes!!

mintaro3820d ago

sweet, brand new themes

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The story is too old to be commented.