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Dealspwn: "So, in the end, Shatter Bay isn't exactly hugely memorable or interesting as a setting, the opponent AI is teeth-gnashingly unforgiving (particularly without a rewind button), and the range of cars is a bit uninspiring - but in spite of itself, Ridge Racer Unbounded is actually a lot of fun. It'll make you scream, curse, and swear, you'll think of at least half a dozen improvements that could have been made, halfway through your first race. But that can be put down to Bugbear's inexperience with big budget games. The most important thing is that you'll keep coming back, again and again. It's a perfect time to release this game, particularly after the painfully average Need For Speed: The Run last year.

"It might not scale the bar that Criterion set several years back, but it'll certainly provide hours of entertainment, and instil a grim determination to succeed that you don't find in many other places. Couple that with the extensive creation suite and social sharing features, and Bugbear's robust racer might just be the best value package you pick up this spring. It'll certainly tide you over until the next Burnout, at the very least."

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neoandrew2088d ago

Don't belief this, this game is total shi*.

FuzzyPixels2088d ago

Well that was a compelling argument :-/

neoandrew2087d ago

Then i guess you will need to check this yourself.

Hicken2087d ago

When the only thing someone can say about a game is that it sucks, their opinion is revealed to be worthless.

You would like us to assume you've played the game, and so you know what you're talking about. But in actuality, you're probably basing it on one review, or some sort of bias like Ridge Racer kicked your puppy.

Seriously, though, if you want people to take you seriously and not just look at you as yet another of the trolls on this site that somehow has a number of bubbles, a comment with some substance is required.


neoandrew2087d ago (Edited 2087d ago )

This game is worthless, 1h of gameplay is worth more than 1000 words about it.

Ridge Racer is also a poor game.