So.. You Think You're A Hardcore Gamer, You're Probably Below Average

Gaming and bragging are synonymous with each other. The favorite word of any competitive gamer, Noob, can now be found in the dictionary. The irresistible need to ‘Tea-Bag’ a fallen enemy, also represents a portion of the bragging that takes place in the gamers universe. Now, trophies and achievements make up the gamers bragging arsenal online.

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hay2028d ago

True hardcore gamer has bigger skills than ego. Does not brag, need to compare or teabag.

True hardcore gamer owns people and knows it is circle of gaming. Some are fragged so others can frag.

True hardcore gamer, when playing, is always all out of gum.

Nexgensensation2027d ago

u would be doing the following at the moment:
1.) talking trash- After turning on ur preferred gaming console and is already in a online match ! the first words out ur mouth is majority of the time trashy.
2. ) Ur the best and u want everyone to know- weather its a headshot or achievements and trophies ! there is no reason to be that good.
3.) ur log on to n4g explaining whats a hardcore gamer - Im a hardcore gamer at least use to be! the only thing i do is get hype for games until i play the demo! after that i look in my bank account to calculate my money, then look at the bigger picture which is- 2 or more players available/ either split screen, co-op, or local multiplayer!!!!

Maxned2027d ago

...Please tell me you're not a native-English speaker.

NewMonday2027d ago

i'm HC in my enthusiasm, average in skill like 80% of gamers.

and i don't have a single platinum

Gaming1012027d ago

Seriously, the entire time I was reading that unreadable dreck that Nexgensensation was "writing", I was picturing Borat speaking it and now it makes sense lol

tawak2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

22 disagree and counting, with "0" agree...lololol

b163o12027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

Up2 29 now, Borat LMAO!

Megaman_nerd2027d ago

that sounds more like an MLG douchebag.

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ChickeyCantor2027d ago (Edited 2027d ago )

"True hardcore gamer " - Plays games.

Get over it people, you're not special.

MiloGarret2027d ago

Not a reply to you, I just want my comment to be placed high.

Whoever wrote this promotional article, whoever submitted this "news article", and whoever approved it should be banned from this site FOREVER.

RankFTW2028d ago

I think the author needs to look up the definition of hardcore.

catfrog2028d ago

hes advertising for raptr, he probably doesnt actually think the stuff hes saying

RankFTW2027d ago

Oh I didn't notice that, only read the first paragraph after getting annoyed at the headline. I use raptr all the time, it's a great website. Check my profile for a link to my raptr page if you're interested.

Swiftfox2028d ago

This article is really about promoting a stat tracking web-site. It attempts to draw in new users by saying that, in essence: “You're not hardcore unless you stat-track here.”

Personally, I don't see labels like “hardcore” and “casual” as measures of skill but rather measures of time and how both types manage their own.

The “hardcore” will schedule their time around playing the game. “Casuals” will play the game when they have the time and the game is lower priority. I've seen “casual” players with very high levels of skill, and “hardcore” players that struggle to break into the middle of the pack. Both these labels, as far as I'm concerned, should stop being used. They are just unfounded, pointless labels the community uses to segregate it's player-base.

Grobbennum2027d ago

Hardcore gamers play every console and just about every genre. casual gamers, mostly play Call of Duty & Wii. Its for the love of the game, not the console or the genre. That's Hardcore.

TenSteps2027d ago

I disagree, a hardcore gamer doesn't need to play all consoles and just about every genre they just have to be gamers who view and treat games as a hobby instead of something to just past the time.

I mean I'm pretty sure there are core gamers out there who are content with one console, what right does anyone have to say they're not hardcore gamers if they treat their hobby with more enthusiasm than some of those with all systems.

Though I do agree with you on that a hardcore gamer is views at as for the love of the game.

StayStatic2027d ago

Auto-Aim in online multiplayer fps ≠ hardcore by any stretch of the imagination , what were they thinking.

gypsygib2027d ago

Casuals play iPhone, facebook, etc games mostly. Gaming is something they can take or leave. It's just a time waister.

Core are exactly that, they buy the most popular games and mostly just play MP (people don't want to hear it but core is COD, sports, BF3, Halo etc).

Core is the core of the market.

Hardcore need to master the game, think the more difficult the better or probably just game on $2000 PCs.

Redempteur2028d ago

Rofl i don't need a website telling me that i'm not a hardcore gamer when i put my passion into it playing the game and enjoying them troughly until there is nothing left.

Gamer-Z2028d ago

Hardcore to me means you play every type of game without hesitation. It means you play games for the love of it and not because its the popular thing to do. Also a hardcore gamer has at least has played and beaten more than 30 games in his/her lifetime.

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