No More Heroes Ships Early

Publisher Ubisoft previously had its potential cult-hit action game, No More Heroes, set for a February release, right up against a little fighter called Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Not the best decision, but thankfully the company seems to have reconsidered and fans of offerings like Killer 7 are the benefactors of the decision.

Ubisoft confirmed to IGN Wii this afternoon that No More Heroes has officially been moved up for a January 22 release date -- less than three weeks from now, if you're counting.

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wiizy3606d ago

nice no more heroes can get the attention and sales that it deserves before smash bros come out..

blynx1823606d ago

Hopefully it will be Suda's 1st million seller :)

PS360WII3606d ago

Awesome I know I'm buying it ^^ can't come soon enough

socomnick3606d ago

nooooooo the ps3 fanboys are going to take your bubbles.

KidMakeshift3606d ago

I wish Suda would make a game for the PS3. His art style would really benefit from HD

Prismo_Fillusion3606d ago

Thanks for the anti-delay Ubisoft. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.