Another Price Drop for the MGS HD Limited Edition (PAL)

UK retailer has lowered the price of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Limited Edition even further. Now you can get the PlayStation 3 version for £49,95, and the Xbox 360 version for £39,95. This is respectively 20 and 30 pounds cheaper than their original launch price (about £70).

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HarryMasonHerpderp2085d ago

damn it,I paid £70 for this lol

Nyxus2085d ago

Me too. But I already played it a lot, so it's okay.

Blastoise2085d ago

Why is the PS3 version more expensive? Thats bullshit

Nyxus2085d ago

I guess it's because it sells better.

DJLB21152082d ago

yeah man i paid 80 bucks for that damn thing last year lol but im going for the plat trophy in MGS2 and i will be getting the one for vita as well so i aint trippin